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Cucumber Herb Dip

cucumber herb dip

Cucumber herb dip with celery


Cool, refreshing, and healthy, this dip is packed with probiotics from the Greek yogurt and cleansing cucumber

Inspired by a recipe from the Barefoot Contessa, I whipped this up in about 5 minutes.

Celery sticks provide the crunch instead of chips.

Actually what I did—after I took the photo—was add more grated cucumber until it was mostly cucumber and ate it with a fork as a salad. So wonderful!

Only a few weeks left to eat this while summer herbs are still available.

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Cucumber Canapes


This is more of a presentation idea than a recipe.

I wanted to take some canapes to a party last Christmas, but didn’t want to use a white flour wheat cracker as the base.

So I cut start out of cucumber and it worked just great!

You can also just cut cucumber rounds, but it doesn’t take long to cut the shape with a cookie cutter and they look so festive.

Top with whatever you want and add a garnish.

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