It’s been some months since I took a break from writing this blog to pursue writing an ebook about the way I am eating now.

I thought I could write this in a couple of months, but some things happened and now the ebook will be even better than I imagined before.

I’m writing this post today because a couple of days ago I reached a major milestone: I got my blood sugar down to 125. This is a significant number because 125 is the number above which you are considered diabetic. It’s been my goal to get my blood sugar down to 125 because at that point I would be “not diabetic.”

Now granted it was only 125 for one day and that’s with insulin, but since I’ve been struggling with my blood sugar (17 years now) it’s NEVER been 125 no matter what I did, not even for one day. Not even taking 50 units of insulin.

But on my new diet, a couple of days ago it was 125.

Even better than this, however, is that I now know exactly what makes my blood sugar go down and what makes it go up, so I can control it. I now know exactly what makes my weight go down and what makes it go up, so I can control that too.

To date, I have been on this diet for 11 months.

In the first two months I lost 21 pounds. Today I have kept that 21 pounds off for nine months. This is amazing to me because usually people (myself included) go on a diet, lose weight, then go back to the way they were eating before and gain all the weight back and more. But I now know how to lose weight and keep it off and lose weight any time I want to lose weight. If you are wondering why I didn’t lose more, it’s because I was experimenting and devising ways to stay on the diet while traveling, and finding out what made me fall off the diet and how to change my way of eating for life.

In the first month my blood sugar went down 100 points and has stayed in that range with occasional dips lower. But the important thing for me is that I’ve maintained this lower range while lowering my insulin. I’ve now lowered my insulin 9 units. I’m what they call a “brittle diabetic” so I can’t just stop the insulin cold turkey.

My goal is normal blood sugar with no insulin. I’m heading in that direction and I know I will get there. It just takes time for my body to adjust and heal.

The really amazing thing though is that after about three months on the diet, I went on a trip for a week. It was very hard to stay on the diet while traveling. But what I found was that my body had gained insulin resistance! Foods that made my blood sugar spike before no longer made my blood sugar spike. Of course eating those foods again reduced my insulin resistance and I had to gain it back again (see this is why my progress is slow).

Over the past year, it’s become clear to me that this IS the best diet for my body. I’m eating delicious food that I love to eat and is easy to prepare. I know the “rules” now of how to feed my body to lose and maintain weight and keep my blood sugar under control, and I can come back to these rules any time I stray. Maintining health while also eating and enjoying food is no longer a mystery to me.

I just wanted you to know that I will be bringing all this to you and it’s in progress. I’ve had a lot of interruptions but after I make a move across the country in September I’ll be able to work intensively on putting all this together for you in October.

It IS coming!

Debra 🙂