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The Best Almond Milk



I love fresh almond milk. I have to say, when I made almond milk this morning to check the recipe and take a photo, I just drank the whole glass right down because it felt so good in my body with the first sip.

If you’ve never tried fresh almond milk, try it. If you are drinking almond milk from a carton, please try this instead. It’s so easy to make and tastes soooooo much better. More nutrients and no additives.

I’ve sized this recipe to make about 1 cup, which is a nice serving. You can double or triple or quadruple the recipe if you want. It stores well for a few days in the refrigerator. But I like to make it fresh every time. It’s so simple.

BE SURE to do the step of soaking the almonds overnight. This softens the almonds and makes a creamy milk. If you don’t do this, the almond milk will taste terrible. It makes all the difference to use soaked almonds.

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Pamela’s Premium Flax Chips

A few weeks ago Pamela Seefeld—my friend and frequent guest on Toxic Free Talk Radio—told me about some flax chips she had been making and enjoying eating. They sounded so good that I wanted to make them too.

So I followed her directions and wow—they were delicious! I’ve already eaten half the recipe.

They are crispy and flavorful…all the satisfaction of eating chips, without the fat, without the carbs, and the benefit of a lot of fiber and nutrition.

I wanted to give you the recipe, but when I went to post it I found I had already posted this very recipe!

Except for one thing…the flavor.

So here’s how to make Pamela’s yummy version of flax chips. Filled with vegetables and spice, they are outstanding!

This is one of those basic recipes where you can add almost anything to make these chips savory or sweet. I’m sure I’ll have more variations. Feel free to leave a comment with your creations.

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Flax Chips

A few months ago my natural doctor suggested to me that I eat flaxseeds every day and I started trying to find a way to enjoy them.

It’s easy to buy ground flaxseed meal, but the thing about flaxseeds is it is best to soak them before you eat them because all nuts and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors, which lock the enzymes inside the seed until they are needed for the seed to sprout and grow. Water unlocks the enzymes so they are available to benefit our bodies. These are considered to be an excellent natural source of digestive enzymes.

But when you put flaxseeds in water, they turn into a slimy mush. So slimy, soaked flaxseeds are used as a vegetarian substitute for eggs (I have not tried this yet, but I will).

So here’s what I came up with: flax chips. You can buy flax chips at your natural food store, but these are so easy to make and taste so much better. And they cost $1.69 a pound.

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