As you may already know, I’ve been eating in a new way for the last couple of months. Because of this change in diet, I’ve lost about 30 pounds, my blood sugar has come down about 100 points and I’ve been doing a good job at maintaining that loss, even over the holidays and while traveling.

I haven’t been as strict on the diet as I was for two months, and have been allowing myself to wander off of it, in part as an experiment to see what would happen.

Last weekend it so happened that I had the opportunity to have a free buffet lunch at a hotel. And then in the evening I went to a concert where there was a whole buffet of hot appetizers and desserts. And so I did an experiment and ate whatever I wanted. Yes, sugar, wheat, fried foods—all the things I usually don’t eat.

The result was I got a really bad headache, gained 5 pounds and my blood sugar went up 50 points! And three days later suddenly my gums started bleeding!

Fortunately, two days on my good diet brought everything back to where I was the day before I ate these foods.

But I learned something.

A lot of these foods were foods I used to eat, back when I “couldn’t control” my weight and blood sugar.  I now see that weight and blood sugar can be controlled if you know what to eat.

And also, just seeing the variety of symptoms that popped up after only one day of being off my good diet. Wow! How many people are eating these foods and having these symptoms and taking drugs instead of changing their diet?

I’ll be telling you about my new diet soon. I don’t want to give it to you until I can give you all the instructions so you can have success with it. I’m working on that.