Baby San Marzano tomatoes over a mix of brown Jasmine and brown Volcano rice, with green onions


Maybe it’s just a shift in my own awareness, but I’ve noticed over the past couple of months that there are many new foods available that I’ve never seen before.

This started about a month ago when I went to a movie near our local Whole Foods. Larry and I don’t usually shop at Whole Foods because it’s not the closest natural food store and prices are higher, but when we’re in the neighborhood we’ll buy a few things we can’t get elsewhere. So we went in a after the movie and found organic parsley roots! This is actually the root of the parsley plant and comes with the parsley on top. You can fix them in many ways, but I just ate them raw and they were delicious!

That same week we found organic Okinawa purple sweet potatoes at our usual natural food store. They were delicious so the next time we went shopping we tried organic white Murasaki sweet potatoes, which were divine. Read about the nutrition content of these sweet potatoes vs the orange variety.

Then shopping over the weekend we found Volcano Rice (Lotus Foods) which is grown on volcanic soil and so has a lot of minerals not usually found in foods. This rice is nutty, all different shades of brown, and so nutrient dense that I can only eat about a tablespoon at a time. So I mix it with my standard organic brown Jasmine rice and it’s wonderful.

Also this weekend we found fresh baby San Marzano tomatoes at Trader Joe’s. San Marzano is the prized Italian tomato from which all canned Italian tomatoes and pasta sauces are made. The flavor is amazing. But I don’t buy canned food because of BPA linings so I was thrilled to find fresh San Marzano tomatoes.

And also a Trader Joe’s organic heirloom Navel oranges.

There is such a bounty of fresh wholesome organic foods available now in so many places, every meal can be a culinary delight.

I remember many years ago when I wanted to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and I gave up because the fresh produce tasted so terrible. Not any more! Take a look.

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