I live in a resort town in Florida that has a top-rated beach. It’s not the trendiest place, but a few months ago a small place open that sells acai bowls. It’s on a main street, so I noticed it, but had no idea what an acai bowl was. I had never heard of it.

Finally a couple of weeks ago Larry and I went in to find out. And I fell in love.

Acai berries come from the Amazon. In fact, the origin story for indigenous tribe says the entire Amazon was born of a single seed of Acai. Often called the Kind of Superfoods, this purple berry is full of antioxidants (which repair the damage done to your body by toxic chemicals), healthy omegas and other vital nutrients—and the berry contains no sugar. Yes, zero grams of sugar.

When I first saw the sign, I looked up “acai bowl” online and found a recipe made from powdered acai. This place used frozen organic whole acai berry puree. That was more interesting to me.

In the shop, they blend the acai puree with frozen fruits of various types—like making a smoothie, but with less liquid so it’s more like soft-serve ice cream—then they pour it in a bowl and top with fresh fruits, granola, and other various toppings. So it’s like eating an ice cream sundae except it’s all made of fruit (and granola).

For me, the price was too high for every day ($8) and the granola too sweet, so I decided to make my own at home.

. I found the frozen acai puree at Whole Foods and Costco, and could make four acai bowls for less than the price of one at the shop. Sambazon have various blends, but I just buy the pure unsweetened.

You can really mix this with any frozen fruit and top it with anything you want. I just top with fresh fruit at home and a sprinkle of bee pollen and a drizzle of honey. I leave off the granola.

I created an acai bowl for Valentine’s Day as a sweet alternative to all the usual Valentine gifts. Serve it for breakfast or dessert. It’s delicious.

After taking the photo I put the bowl in the freezer while I downloaded the photo, just in case I needed to take another photo. And it got very nicely icy around the edges in about 10 minutes. I can see myself eating these cold bowls all summer.

Valentine Strawberry Acai Bowl
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1 serving
  1. To make the strawberry hearts, cut off the leafy top, then place the strawberry cut side down on a cutting board and cut slices about ¼-inch thick. Discard the end pieces, and lay each slice flat on the cutting board. Carefully trim a little “V” out of the top end of the strawberry to make a heart. Set these aside.
  2. Run the frozen acai packet under water for a few minutes to soften, then cut off the top of the packet, break it up, and put it in the blender.
  3. Add the banana, sliced.
  4. Add the frozen strawberries.
  5. Add ¼ cup water and blend until smooth. You may need to add more water, but just add enough to be able to blend. You want to keep the mixture as thick as possible.
  6. Pour the blended acai mixture into a bowl and top with strawberry hearts, bee pollen, and honey.
  7. Serve immediately. You can also freeze the bowl for maybe a half hour if you want it more frozen or need to hold the bowl until serving time. Longer than half an hour it would freeze solid.