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All Organic Lubricant for Women

My guest today is Rinaldo S. Brutoco, Founder and Chairman for Seven Oaks Ranch. We’ll be talking about all-organic Aloe Cadabra®, the USA’s first FDA-cleared organic vaginal lubricant and daily moisturizer, and toxic chemicals found in lubricants that can easily be absorbed through the skin. Rinaldo is a successful entrepreneur, executive, author, and futurist and the Founding President of the World Business Academy. His work includes clean energy; climate change analysis and mitigation; sustainable business strategy; values-driven leadership; global reconstruction; organic products; and financial products for Sustainable Responsible Impact Investment. Certified organic for more than fifteen years, Seven Oaks Ranch grows and distributes organic produce such as tomatoes, Aloe vera, Meyer lemons, Hass avocados, and garlic. More than seven years ago SOR opened its certified organic kitchen and production facility, where great care is taken to handcraft each of its products. What began as an eleventh-grade economics-class project for young Orion Brutoco and his classmates at Oak Grove School, the project quickly grew into something more: a real business manufacturing a variety of organic and natural products with nationwide distribution. The first product was Garlic Gold®. In 2011 SOR created an organic cosmetics division and proudly announced the nationwide release of its first all-organic cosmetic product Aloe Cadabra. Rinaldo and his wife of 34 years reside in Santa Barbara, where he is also a very active father of four grown children and three grandchildren.




The Safest Seafood

Randy HartnellMy guest today is Randy Hartnell, President of Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics, which he founded in 2001 with his wife Carla. He is responsible for guiding the company on its mission of providing consumers with high quality sustainable seafood, while educating them about the impact of their food choices on the environment, their health, and the commercial fishing community. We’ll be talking about toxic chemicals found in seafood, the health benefits of seafood, how you can choose and purchase the safest seafood. Prior to founding Vital Choice, Randy spent 24 years as a commercial salmon and herring fisherman in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. He is a Washington state native and currently resides there with his wife in Bellingham.




Detoxing Aluminum Through Your Skin in a Simple Way at Home

My guests today are Elizabeth and Michael Fessler, Founding Partners of Herbalix Restoratives. They make exceptional skin and hair products, some of which detox aluminum from your body as you sleep. Their products are designed to support skin functions with pure, natural and organic ingredients that cleanse and revitalize, while feeding the skin and hair vital nutrients. Today we will be focusing on their detox products. We will be talking about how aluminum enters your body and affect body function, and how topical detox can free the body from aluminum so it can function properly. Elizabeth is Presdent and CEO of the company. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Degree followed by an MBA in Materials Management. She worked for over thirty years in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Michael has an extensive background in science and engineering with a focus on creating healthy manufacturing and work areas. While studying at San Diego State University, he participated in a marine study of sea urchins as a food source with the National Science Foundation that has been added to the collections of the Library of Congress. While working in his family’s industrial chemical company in sales, engineering and management positions after college, he developed custom chemical formulations and detoxification procedures. Concern with the environmental impact of toxic materials in the workplace led him to start a contracting business that specialized in detoxifying both commercial and residential properties, including remodeling projects for persons with chemical sensitivities. He now develops safe manufacturing processes and pure ingredient formulas for Herbalix Restoratives body, hair and skin care products.




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What’s Happening With Toxic Free Talk Radio

The Monday after Christmas I was surprised to receive an email from the network saying they could no longer produce my radio show. They were very sorry because they loved the show, but changes on their end made it impossible for us to continue.

I love doing the show and it’s likely that live interviews will return at some point as podcasts or a radio show on another network, but for now I have my work cut out for me to transfer 386 mp3 files from the network site to mine, and change all the links in the archives. It will all be an upgrade though because my site will now have the shows directly in a media player that works with all devices.

I’m also going to continue making transcripts for all the shows that don’t already have transcripts, and edit all the files to remove commercials and music for a more seamless listening experience. These are great interviews and I am making sure they are being preserved for future reference.

Each week I’ll be posting three featured shows from the archives and include them in the newsletter. There is a lot to listen to and learn from!