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Monday, August 24

On Mondays and Fridays I replay a selection from the archives of past shows.

Make Your Own Mattress

deborah-brentonToday my guest is Deborah Brenton, owner of DIY Natural Bedding.  We’ll be talking about how you can make your own custom mattress with the materials she provides, and why you should. Deborah is a foodie, a forager, and strongly believes in living a natural life.  In 2010 she began looking for mattresses for her children, but the only type available contained a whole host of chemicals.  Her Do It Yourself attitude kicked in and she gathered resources to create her own mattresses from scratch.  She soon realized that other people share her natural living convictions but lack resources in the bedding market.  DIY Natural Bedding was started with this goal in mind: to provide affordable, natural and chemical free bedding products.  Deborah now offers natural components that customers can use to build their own mattresses, toppers and pillows.  Her products include wool from local farms, 100% natural latex, and GOTS certified organic fabric.  She also offers sewing patterns for those who would like to save a dime by sewing their own mattress ticking and custom latex cuts for any DIY furniture project.

Tuesday, August 25

How Chemtrails in the Sky Can Affect Your Health on Earth, And How To Detox Chemtrail Dangers

diann-dirksMy guest today is Diann Dirks, who has been on the show many times before. We’ll be talking about the effects on our health from the spraying of toxic metals and compounds in the air called Chem Trails, or Geo Engineering – what this is, what it is made up of, how it affects the earth and our own health, and how to stay healthy in a contaminated world – things we can do ourselves simply and effectively. Diann is a Certified Permaculture Designer, an organic gardener for over 45 years, working as a consultant for natural agricultural systems, and working with medicinal herbs and natural healing techniques to find ways people can help themselves stay healthy or overturn health problems. She is also a consummate researcher into solutions for the many problems we face in the modern world such as the contamination of our soil from environmental toxins and poisons, and the deterioration of people’s health because of contaminated food and water sources.

Wednesday, August 26

What We Can Do About Cancer

Pamela SeefeldMy guest today is Pamela Seefeld, a registered pharmacist who prefers to dispense medicinal plants and other natural substances instead of prescription drugs. We’ll be talking about cancer—what it is, how you can prevent it, and how you can help your body fight it if you have it. One of every two men and one of every three women in the USA and other western nations now have a chance of getting some type of cancer in their lifetime, but it is preventable. Pamela has more than 25 years experience choosing and selling top quality medicinal supplements, so she’s seen it all. Pamela is a 1990 graduate of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, where she studied Pharmacognosy (the study of medicines derived from plants and other natural sources). She has worked as an integrative pharmacist teaching physicians, pharmacists and the general public about the proper use of botanicals. She is also a grant reviewer for NIH in Washington D.C. and the owner of Botanical Resource and Botanical Resource Med Spa in Clearwater, Florida.

Thursday, August 27

How to Find Toxic Free Appliances

Andrea-FabryMy guest today is Andrea Fabry, toxic free blogger and owner of Just So Natural Products. We’ll be talking today about toxic exposures from appliances and how you can find the safest ones. Following a health crisis in 2008, Andrea and her family discovered the wonders of natural living. Andrea is a former journalist and the mother of nine children ranging in age from 29 to 13. She is also the founder and president of momsAWARE, an educational organization designed to empower others to live healthy in a toxic world. |

Friday, August 28

Toxic Chemicals in Feminine Care Products and How to Stay Safe

My guest is Cassidy Randall, Director of Outreach & Engagement for Women’s Voices for the Earth, a nonprofit organization that “amplifies women’s voices to eliminate the toxic chemicals that harm our health and communities.” We’ll be talking about their latest report “Chem Fatale,” which takes a closer look at feminine care products and the toxic chemicals they contain, as well as safer alternatives. Cassidy oversees WVE’s market-based campaigns and coordinates efforts to mobilize and engage women in WVE’s work. She develops the organization’s engagement tools and social media, and leads WVE’s Actionista team. Cassidy brings organizing experience as an Outreach Coordinator with the Surfrider Foundation Malibu Chapter, co-founder of Students for Economic and Social Justice at the University of Montana, and as a campaign organizer and subsequently a board member with Montana Conservation Voters. Cassidy has also served on the board of Community Action for Justice in the Americas, on the steering committee for the Fair Trade City Missoula campaign, and as Advisor to Eduquemos a La Nina at Ak’Tenamit, a Maya cooperative in Guatemala. Cassidy has an M.S. from the University of Montana in Environmental Studies, and a B.A. in American Literature from UCLA. She is the author of Fighting for the Dream: Voices from a New Generation of Maya Women. In her free time, Cassidy likes skiing snowy slope, paddling fast rivers, and hiking through Montana’s wilderness.


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