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Each weekday I do interviews with everyday heroes who are working to make our world a safer place to live. From authors and manufacturers to healthcare providers and cooks, we explore how innovators are transforming their own lives, their businesses, and the world. Read more about Toxic Free Talk Radio...

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Using Essential Oils for Household Cleaning and Personal Care

My guest is Jackie McLaughlin. As an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils and natural health enthusiast, Jackie’s passion is helping others find more natural ways to create and sustain better health, without the harmful ingredients often found in commonly used products. Jackie has been assisting others in switching to a chemical-free lifestyle since 2002. She is currently taking a 300-hour curriculum to become a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, and has been teaching classes about how to create a more chemical-free environment at home, as well as the workplace. We’ll be talking about the difference between beneficial essential oil and toxic “fragrance” and how to use essential oils around the house.




Organic Cotton: Behind the Scenes

My guest is Harmony Susalla, founder of Harmony Art Organic Design. Harmony has created designs and products for every retail level from Target and Walmart to Nordstrom and Williams-Sonoma and many points in between. Personal conviction and a desire to show the world that organic fabrics can be beautiful led Harmony, in 2005, to become the first textile company to offer only printed organic cotton fabrics and make them available by the yard for businesses and home sewers alike. Harmony Art’s stock fabrics feature organic cotton, wide-width, woven sateens and twills as well as knits.




The Many Ways Toxic Chemicals Affect Your Health and What You Can Do

My guest is Dr. Doris Rapp, one of the first medical doctors who began to associate toxic chemical exposures with the symptoms of her pediatric patients. A board-certified environmental medical specialist, pediatric allergist, and homeopath, Dr. Rapp served as Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the State University of New York at Buffalo until January 1996. Dr. Rapp practiced traditional allergy medicine for 18 years. After learning about environmental medicine in 1975, Dr. Rapp began to incorporate the principles of environmental medicine into her pediatric allergy practice. Dr. Rapp is a past President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. She is also the author of the bestselling books, Is this Your Child and Is this Your Child’s World, which help identify and provide practical methods of treatment to eliminate substances which can cause illness and behavioral changes in both children and adults. Her book Our Toxic World: A Wake-up Call tells how chemicals damage your body, brain behavior and sex.




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What’s Happening With Toxic Free Talk Radio

The Monday after Christmas I was surprised to receive an email from the network saying they could no longer produce my radio show. They were very sorry because they loved the show, but changes on their end made it impossible for us to continue.

I love doing the show and it’s likely that live interviews will return at some point as podcasts or a radio show on another network, but for now I have my work cut out for me to transfer 386 mp3 files from the network site to mine, and change all the links in the archives. It will all be an upgrade though because my site will now have the shows directly in a media player that works with all devices.

I’m also going to continue making transcripts for all the shows that don’t already have transcripts, and edit all the files to remove commercials and music for a more seamless listening experience. These are great interviews and I am making sure they are being preserved for future reference.

Each week I’ll be posting three featured shows from the archives and include them in the newsletter. There is a lot to listen to and learn from!