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As we move from summer into the fall season I’m taking a week off to get re-organized. Please enjoy these replays and I will be back next week with more live shows.

Monday, August 31

Natural Solutions for Bugs

My guest Annie B. Bond has been researching and writing about safe DIY alternatives to toxic products for more that twenty years. On this show, Annie will bring her vast knowledge of how to control pests, including ticks, mosquitoes and other summertime bugs, and I’ll share my experience too. Annie and I have been kindred spirits since her publisher asked me to write the forward to her first book Clean and Green (Ceres Press, 1990) . She is the best-selling author of five books, including Better Basics for the Home (Three Rivers Press, 1999), Home Enlightenment (Rodale Books, 2008), and most recently True Food (National Geographic, 2010), and winner of Gourmand Awards Best Health and Nutrition Cookbook in the World. She was named “the foremost expert on green living” by “Body & Soul” magazine (February, 2009). She has been the editor of a number of publications, including “The Green Guide.” Currently Annie is the Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief of The Wellness Wire and leads the selection of toxic-free products for A True Find.


Tuesday, September 1

How Bau-Biology Can Help Cure Your Sick Home

My guest Lawrence J. Gust from Gust Environmental is an electrical engineer and a certified Bau-biologist. He worked for 25 years in middle management of two Fortune 500 companies. Thirteen years ago building caused health issues within his own family forced him to become knowledgeable sick buildings and how to fix them. This knowledge led to a second career as a Bau-biologist. We’ll talk about various indoor air quality problems your home might have, and what you can do to create a healthier home environment.

Wednesday, September 2

How to Choose and Find a Holistic Vet for Your Pet

My guest is Linda Ferguson, Managing Director of VetLocator, an online directory of more than 40,000 veterinary and pet health care professionals including Emergency, Holistic and House Call specialty directories. VetLocator also helps pet owners get immediate dialogue with both pet professionals and other pet owners in the community in their very popular Q&A section called Ask A Pet Pro, which has 100s of pet owner questions and answers covering a wide variety of topics related to pets. Raised from an early age by a mother who embraced holistic solutions and a natural lifestyle, Linda knows the negative impact industrialized living has on the health of all living things, which is why having holistic alternatives for pet owners while serving all pet owners is important to her. In 2002, she used her skills as an internet marketing maven to to help launch VetLocator after seeing the need for pet owners to have choices on who to choose to take their pets to. We’ll be talking about holistic choices for pet care, why choose a holistic vet, how to choose the best holistic vet for your pet, and more.

Thursday, September 3

Being Beautiful Naturally

My guest Joy Wicks is a married mother of 3 who became committed to starting and running after learning about the toxic ingredients in most makeup and body care products. During her transition to natural and organic products she found that health food stores didn’t really offer what she was looking for. Most of the products they had still contained ingredients she didn’t want to be using. After locating products that met her new ingredient criteria (from many hours of researching) the desire grew to have a store for people that offered them. We’ll be talking about toxic ingredients in makeup and body care products, and how to choose safe ones.

Friday, September 4

How to Kick the Plastic Habit and Improve Your Health and the Environment

My guest is Beth Terry. After learning about the devastating effects of plastic pollution on the environment and human health, this Oakland, california accountant began an experiment to see if she could live without buying any new plastic. Since then, she has reduced her plastic waste to less than 2% of the national average. That experiment turned into the popular blog and new book Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too. A founding member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Terry gives presentations on plastic-free living and why, despite what some critics assert, our personal actions really do make a difference. Her work and life have been profiled in the award-winning film Bag It, as well as Susan Freinkel’s book, Plastic: A Toxic Love Story and Captain Charles Moore’s Plastic Ocean. – See more at:


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