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Monday, August 3

On Mondays and Fridays I replay a selection from the archives of past shows.

Honey, Health, and Honeybees

My guest is Zeke Freeman, CEO of Bee Raw, a leading brand of raw varietal honeys. Zeke gained an appreciation for both home-grown produce and for the rich heritage of artisanal food production on his family’s farm in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Zeke turned this passion into a full-time pursuit of the culinary arts at the University of Montana’s School of Food Management & Culinary Arts in 1989. After earning his degree, he relocated to France to continue his education at the Hotel School of Grenoble and began working under the direction of acclaimed chef, Alain Ducasse. In 1995, following two years in France working with, and learning from, accomplished international chefs, Zeke moved back to the United States where he became a buyer for Dean & Deluca in New York City. Always in pursuit of fine edibles for the upscale food, wine and kitchenware retailer, Zeke discovered the company that has become Bee Raw Honey. Today, Zeke partners with family owned beekeepers around the country to bring high-quality, raw, unadulterated honey to the American table. Zeke also actively promotes the importance of American family-owned apiaries and works to educate the public about the importance of beekeeping and its value in agriculture, so we’ll be talking about toxic pesticides affecting the bees, colony collapse disorder, toxic chemicals you shouldn’t be using in your garden, how to help save the bees, and the process of making and benefits of raw honey as well as ways to enjoy honey.

Tuesday, August 4

Healthy Home Detox With Ron & Lisa

ron-lisaMy guests today are Ron & Lisa Beres. As healthy home experts, building biologists, published authors, professional speakers and Telly Award Winning media personalities, this husband-and-wife team help busy people eliminate toxics from their home with simple solutions to improve their health. We’ll be talking about how to “Change Your Home, Change Your Health in 30 Days.” Lisa is also the author of the children’s book “My Body My House,” and the duo are co-authors of “Just GREEN It!“—simple swaps to save the planet and your health. Lisa and Ron’s TV appearances include “Dr. Oz,” “The Rachael Ray Show,” “Nightly News with Brian Williams,” “TODAY,” “The Doctors” and “Fox & Friends.” |


Wednesday, August 5

Detox Matters Part 1: How Detoxing Your Body Fosters Vibrant Health

susan-smith-jonesToday my guest is leading holistic health educator and author Susan Smith Jones, PhD. We’re doing two-part series about detox. Today we’ll be learning about how a toxic environment affects or health and vitality and how detox can help: how you can know your body needs a detox, how your detox system work, channels of elimination in the body, benefits of detox, and more. For over 35 years, Dr. Susan has relied on herbs, spices, foods, and a variety of natural remedies to detoxify, cleanse, and rejuvenate her body and maintain vibrant health and youthful vitality. She embraces her personal detox/rejuvenation programs at least 4 times a year, with each change of season, and teaches her clients worldwide how to do this, too. Because of her effective detox/rejuvenation regimen, Susan has never used prescription medicine nor had a cold or the flu in almost 30 years. In her books Recipes for Health Bliss (a full color cookbook), The Healing Power of NatureFoods, Health Bliss, Detoxify & Rejuvenate, and Walking on Air, she shows you exactly how to fully detoxify and rejuvenate your body so you can look and feel your very best, no matter your age. Susan’s 3 books incorporate her best-of-the- best health-enhancing secrets to reverse aging, glow with vitality, achieve high-level joy and balance, and live with gusto.

Coming August 11—Part 2: 12 Steps to an Easy Body Detox & Rejuvenation

Thursday, August 6

An Investigative Reporter’s Take on Toxics

greg-gordonMy guest today is Greg Gordon, National Correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers Washington Bureau. As an investigative reporter, Greg has spent 38 years uncovering waste, fraud, abuse and misconduct in Washington. I called him last week after his article about the FDA and mercury fillings was published and we had a great conversation about other stories he had done on toxics over the years. Today we’ll be talking about toxics from the viewpoint of an investigative reporter: why he writes about toxics and the investigative process. Greg has received so many awards I can’t fit them all in this space. Read more about Greg’s distinguished career at

Friday, August 7

On Mondays and Fridays I replay a selection from the archives of past shows.

Are You Drinking Enough Water for the Sweaty Days of Summer?

Igor MilevskiyDrinking enough water for your body to be properly hydrated is essential to health. In fact, many body conditions we think of as “disease” are actually simply dehydration. But every glass or bottle of water you drink may be adding more toxic chemicals to your body. My guest Igor Milevskiy runs Pure Effect Advanced Water Filters, a small, family-owned company that makes exceptional water filters which remove fluoride, radiation, and pharmaceuticals as well as chlorine, chloramine, lead, and other common pollutants…at an affordable price. We’ll talk about how much water you actually need to drink during the summer to keep your body hydrated and healthy, and how to choose a filter that will give you pure, clean water right in your home.

Toxic Free Body: Drink Plenty of Water on Hot Summer Days

Prices are going up on Pure Effect water filters August 15, due to increases in component prices. So if you have been thinking about getting one, now is the best time to buy.






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