Interviews With Toxic Free Innovators

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All About Organic Coffee

barrie-gromalaMy guest today is Barrie Gromala, Cofounder and President of Beantrees Fine Organic Coffee. We’ll be talking about coffee, why you should drink organic coffee, organic certifications, and more. Beantrees began selling gourmet organic coffee in 1993 through corporate “organic espresso bars,” and now sells beans internationally through specialty markets. They have many celebrity clients and their coffee was even served at the Cannes Film Festival. They have a comprehensive collection of coffees, including mountain water decaf and flavored coffees—all organic.




Super Cleaning Without Chemicals

damian-pikeMy guest today is Damian Pike, Founder and CEO of Zabada Clean Inc, an online retailer of fiber and microfiber cleaning products which eliminate the need for toxics. We’ll be talking about their “simple, water-powered cleaning alternative that’s quicker than home chemical warfare and safe enough for kids to use.” Not only are these products toxic free, they clean better than chemical cleaners—they even kill 99% of bacteria. This Australian company launched their product in the US market in February 2014. Prior to founding Zabada, Damian was co CEO of ENJO Australia Pty Ltd an Australian based direct sales organization for over 10 years. Damian began his career in corporate and international banking, working in Australia, the UK and Asia. He then went on to study acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and worked professionally as an actor for a number of years both in Sydney Australia and Los Angeles. | watch the 2-minute performance video




Skin and Laundry Products for Baby: Organic, Simple, Safe

lindsay-herronMy guest today is Lindsay Herron, co-founder and CEO of Buckaroo Organics in Bozeman, Montana. She and her husband make products designed to prevent, heal and soothe skin irritation. “It is a dream job for me,” says Lindsay. “Feeling passionate and dedicated about the work we get to do is such a gift.” In her former career, Lindsay worked as a Mental Health and Licensed Addictions Therapist. She built two practices serving rural areas in Montana. Prior to that she worked as a bilingual counselor serving Hispanic women and domestic violence victims in Raleigh, NC. What she has learned through her work, is that at the core, she loves people. She learns new things everyday and appreciate lessons that are both positive and negative. She enjoys quality time with her family, skiing, and camping…”anything outdoors where I can unplug from technology and connect with the important things in life!”




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What’s Happening With Toxic Free Talk Radio

The Monday after Christmas I was surprised to receive an email from the network saying they could no longer produce my radio show. They were very sorry because they loved the show, but changes on their end made it impossible for us to continue.

I love doing the show and it’s likely that live interviews will return at some point as podcasts or a radio show on another network, but for now I have my work cut out for me to transfer 386 mp3 files from the network site to mine, and change all the links in the archives. It will all be an upgrade though because my site will now have the shows directly in a media player that works with all devices.

I’m also going to continue making transcripts for all the shows that don’t already have transcripts, and edit all the files to remove commercials and music for a more seamless listening experience. These are great interviews and I am making sure they are being preserved for future reference.

Each week I’ll be posting three featured shows from the archives and include them in the newsletter. There is a lot to listen to and learn from!