Aerotoxic Syndrome: How Flying in Airplanes Can Affect Your Health

dee-passonMy guest today is Dee Passon, founder of the website Toxic Free Airlines. Dee was a Cabin Service Service Director for British Airways, and flew for nearly 25 years with four different airlines, until she was ill health retired in 2009 with a written diagnosis of Aerotoxic Syndrome. Dee now works as an unpaid advisor to passengers and crew affected by cabin air. In addition to her website, Dee also has a Toxic Free Airlines page on Facebook that posts the latest information and also set up a group on Facebook called Angel Fleet to pay tribute to and raise awareness of the number of British Airways crew who are passing away every year. In June 2014, Dee became a member of the Air Safety Group, an independent, unpaid and impartial group dedicated to improving all aspects of safety in aviation which reports to Parliament every year.




A Toxic-Free Bed & Breakfast

My guest is Terry Mandel, owner of North Berkeley Hills Homestay. Terry began hosting short-term guests from around the world in 2002. After becoming ill in 2005 from the VOCs in paint, she began a journey of toxic-free renovation that has turned her inn into a refuge for people with MCS and EI, and others who prefer a toxic-free environment. Terry loves to share simple ways people can detox their homes, work spaces, and lives. We’ll be talking about toxic travel, how to choose less-toxic lodging, and what Terry has done to make her home a safe place to stay.

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