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About Lisa Powers

My passion for toxic-free living began in 2006 when a family member was diagnosed with a neurological disorder.  After learning that a dysfunctional immune system might be a cause for the disorder I wondered if that also meant a greater susceptibility to disease.  If your immune system isn’t working properly how can it manage the constant onslaught of toxins in our environment?  That was the beginning of my sometimes-obsessive quest to create a healthier home for my family.

My background is probably not what you would expect of a safe-product advocate.  I have an MBA and spent over a decade managing and marketing consumer products…the kinds of products that would never make their way into my home or onto this website.  But, my understanding of manufacturing, management and marketing has really helped me evaluate the healthfulness and safety of products.  I can see through marketing claims and understand the limits of regulations. 

I have built two homes using nontoxic/low emitting materials and have furnished them with carefully vetted items ranging from furniture to wall hangings and accessories.  I research every personal care product that I buy.  Since I’ve been doing this for years, it has just become a way of life and evolved into a passion.  I love to help family and friends make healthier choices for their homes.

I have followed Debra for many years, read all of her books, and respected her work from afar.  When I read that she would be retiring, I knew the time was right for me to take my passion to the next level.  I want to make it easier for people to find safer, healthier product.  Whether you are someone with health issues and require a stringent avoidance of toxins or are just looking to make better choices, I can help!  Please drop me a note and let me know what you would most like to see on this site and in my newsletter. 

Lisa Powers

About Debra Lynn Dadd

“Toxic chemicals affect us deeply and broadly—in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. We spend thousands of dollars on health care and personal growth, but none of it can be effective until the true problem is eliminated—exposure to toxic chemicals. When we take that step of freeing ourselves from the toxic chemicals that are working against us, all positive actions begin to become beneficial and we can start to truly live.”

I have been toxic-free since 1978.

At first I was just one person, struggling to understand the toxic chemical exposures that were disabling my body and mind, talking with others who were having the same experience. When I could get my body out of bed, I spent my days researching in libraries, putting bits and pieces of data together until I could see the connections between symptomchemical exposure, and product. With these clues, I was able to remove the toxic products from my home that were making me sick and improve my health…improve my health dramatically.

* * *

The connection between my health and exposure to toxic products in my home was so clear, that I had to warn others about this danger. But it wasn’t just that I was having symptoms in response to exposures. My research revealed that these chemicals in consumer products were actually poisons that were causing cancer, birth defects, neurological problems, and other serious health conditions.

And so I became an author. I wrote a little book and self-published it in 1982. I made copies at a copy store and stapled them together with a tape binding. I identified 40 toxic chemicals and listed products available by mail order that were made without these chemicals. it was so different that the media readily picked it up and I was even on national television with my little book made at the copy store. Soon I had an offer from a publisher and in 1984 the very first published book about toxic-free products arrived in bookstores. And my books have been continuously in print since and translated into other languages. My current book is published by Penguin, the largest publisher in the world.

* * *

For many years my task was simply to gain some understanding of the toxic chemicals we are being exposed to in our homes via consumer products and find products I and others could use that did not contain the toxic chemicals that cause health problems.

During that period much new research was done by others on the health effects of chemicals. Organizations were created, lists of toxic chemicals were compiled. It is now well established in the scientific literature that toxic chemicals exist, they are widespread in the world, and they are associated with virtually every malfunction of body, mind, and emotions.

During this time I considered myself to be a consumer advocate—going beyond the writing of books to promoting the idea of living without toxic chemicals via my website, speaking engagements, and media appearances. From 2013-2015 I hosted Toxic Free Talk Radio, doing almost 400 hour-long interviews with innovators who were working to eliminate toxic exposures. I continued to help individuals find toxic-free products through my website and consulting and also helped businesses behind-the-scene to develop and communicate about their toxic-free products.

* * *

Today times have changed.

We now know there are toxic chemicals. We know where they are in products. The number of toxic-free products available today is astounding and encouraging. And yet, toxic-free products are still difficult to identify and access, and while one can easily create a toxic-free home, we still step out of our homes into a fairly toxic world. Just try to find a toxic-free automobile or a toxic-free hotel room, or even a toxic-free baby carrier. or a toxic-free dishwasher or refrigerator. Try to find a house or an apartment or a home of any kind that is toxic-free without building or remodeling it yourself. We still have a long way to go.

Now in 2018 I am moving into a new role—people are calling me visionarythought leaderchangemaker, and gamechanger. I’m gathering up everything I’ve learned on the subject and working on putting it out in the world in new ways that will educate and inspire and continue when I am no longer able to continue to carry the torch (my body is 63 years old and it won’t last forever).

We have all the information we need to literally be free of toxics, it’s just a matter of getting it accepted and applied and used in the world by more and more people and businesses and governments and the medical community and insurance companies and…and…and…and…

Toxic-free should be the basis of living in our society around the world. It can be done.

My mission now is to make it known far and wide that we all can be toxic-free, and provide the tools to do this, so each one of us can flourish in a toxic-free environment, anywhere we go.

“When I reached the point where I fully understood that toxic chemicals were making me sick, I just wanted to get rid of everything toxic in my home. And I did. Now I want to get rid of everything toxic in the world.”

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