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I created Toxic-Free A-Z as a place where you can find individual toxic-free products and order them on-the-spot,

Here’s how this store is different:

1. Every single product is already vetted by me to be toxic-free. And I highlight in bold the toxic-free indicators in the description, plus I’ve added my own comments to descriptions.

2. It will be the largest selection of toxic-free products that you can purchase instantly with a point and a click.

3. You can buy most of what you need at once place and have it delivered to your door.

4. You can buy many products by the piece or the case, so you can save money on products you like.

Here’s the part I’m most excited about:

I get to write all the product descriptions, so you’ll know exactly how each product will reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals.

And I can put links in the descriptions to additional information, so you can learn about toxic-free products while you shop.

And you can leave reviews in my store and ask questions and discuss products with other like-minded shoppers.

And when you find a product you want to purchase, it’s just a click to buy.


Why I Decided to Create This Store

The main reason I created this store is I am searching for toxic-free products every day and there’s no reason each of us should have to start from square one to find the toxic-free products we want and need. I have the knowledge and experience to evaluate these products and want to make it easier for you to access toxic-free products, particularly in places where you may already be shopping.

This is an “affiliate store” for one of the largest online retailers in the world (I can’t say their name here per their rules). So you are not actually purchasing products from me. I am making a “recommendation” and if you buy something, I get a “referral fee” and you help support my work.

I know many of my readers shop at this online store because I get lots of questions asking me what I think about various products sold here. And I already have a number of affiliate links to this store sprinkled around my site, which my readers are using in increasing numbers. I can’t say the name of this store per the affiliate rules, but you will recognize it when you click through to buy a product.

I’ve also noticed that this store is selling more and more toxic-free products in what is a mass market venue. In the past I’ve focused on recommending products from small online sources via Debra’s List because toxic-free products weren’t available elsewhere. But times are changing.

More and more makers of products are selling through this retailer. Some even use this retailer as their only source of order fulfillment, so when you go to their website, they direct you to this retailer to buy. Some products are only available through this retailer. I am able to find a lot of obscure and interesting products here that don’t have their own websites.

And I also want to show by doing this that toxic-free has gone mainstream and help you identify toxic-free products available through mass market channels.


Limitations to Keep in Mind

Product Evaluation

The method I’ve used to vet products for this store is to look for indicators that the product is made without key toxic chemicals, or that it is made with known toxic-free materials.

For example, a reader just asked me to locate plastic sheet protectors for paper documents. I looked for “polypropylene” (an known nontoxic material) and “PVC-free” (an indicator that the product is made from polypropylene).

Many people today are looking for products that do not contain specific toxic materials. Like no synthetic fragrance, no formaldehyde, no pesticides, no GMOs, no BPA, etc. Products here are evaluated to that degree. But they are not fully evaluated for every possible toxic ingredient, because that information is just not yet available for most products. A product may be non-GMO, for example, but not pesticide-free. I would include it here because GMOs are important to exclude as a first step, even if the product is not completely toxic-free.

Individual Needs

Each of us has our own individual needs. It’s my job to show you a variety of toxic-free products that are available. It’s your responsibility to know your needs and find products that meet your need from those I recommend.

It is not my intent to infer or imply or state that all products I recommend as toxic-free will meet the needs of all individuals.

There Are More Toxic-Free Products Than I Can Include Here

Despite the vast numbers of products that may eventually be in this store, there are many many toxic-free products not sold here, and information on each product is limited.

I highly recommend that you also browse Debra’s List and visit the websites of the makers of products, to learn more about their philosophy and methods and see their entire product lines.

Here you get only the end product. On Debra’s List you get the product in context of the company and product line.



My purpose in creating this store is to point out products that are made without known toxic materials, for example, not made with PVC, or BPA, not GMO, fragrance-free, etc. They are not necessarily products I would use myself, but they may be suitable for others. I’m considering how to make a broad range of products known so if you are looking for a specific product you can find one made without chemicals you are concerned about.

Take these recommendations as recommendations, and evaluate for yourself if they are right for your needs.


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