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Debra is Still Available for Consulting

I’ve been doing personal consultations since 1978, when a doctor I was seeing noticed I was the only patient of his getting well. He asked me to go to the homes of each of his patients to find the toxic chemicals they were being exposed to and tell them how to reduce exposures with safe products.

Since then I’ve helped thousands of people identify toxic exposures, find toxic-free products, and get through the many situations that come up when you decide to live toxic-free.

Here are my consulting services.

Email Questions

This is the fastest way to get a short answer to a quick question.

Ask one quick question for $9 on any aspect of toxic chemicals and safer products.

I can usually get back to you in 24 hours or less (often a lot less).

If I can’t answer your question quickly, I’ll let you know we need a phone consultation and you can decide to do that or not. But I can answer a lot of questions quickly.

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Telephone Consultation

only $3 per minute
with a 15 minute minimum

Call 727-452-2067

(Monday – Friday 9:00-3:00 Pacific time)

Consultations by skype or email also available


You’ll save time and money by calling me 
to get toxic-free solutions 
based on my extensive knowledge and experience


Call me…

* to help you choose and find toxic-free products that are better for your health and the environment

* to get solutions to problems of toxic exposure in your home or office

* to get non-medical advice on all aspects of healing from multiple chemical sensitivities, based on first-hand experience

* to work with your interior designer to create a less toxic and more natural home interior

* to work with your contractor or architect to build a home that is less toxic and more natural. In addition to remodeling three of my own homes to be toxic-free, I have worked closely with contractors and architects to specify materials for nontoxic and sustainable construction, including an historic apartment building in New York City.

In 1988 I co-authored Healthful Houses: How to Design and Build Your Own, with AIA architect Clint Good. It was one of the first books on healthy building to be written.

Home or Office

* to evaluate your home or office for toxic exposures and give practical safe solutions

* to evaluate a home or office space for toxic exposures before you buy or rent

I can come to your home or office—anywhere in the world…

I’ve been inspecting homes and offices for toxic exposure since a doctor asked me to inspect his patients’ homes for toxics in 1978. But even better than finding the toxics is I can tell you specifically what to do to eliminate toxic exposures from your home or office. I can come take a look at your home or office and tell you quickly where your toxic exposures are and exactly what you can do to eliminate them. I can also evaluate homes you are considering for purchase or rent, to identify toxic exposures inherent in the building and it’s surrounding itself and if and how they can be remediated. I am available to go anywhere in the world for this service, and can make a video report during my visit.

Home Inspection local       $250/hour (minimum 1 hour) plus $125 per hour driving time [within driving distance of Santa Rosa, California

Home Inspection travel       $2000/day (minimum 1 day) plus expenses for plane, food, lodging

Ask a Question Free on Toxic Free Q&A

I answer many questions at no charge at Here you can post a question and I and my readers will answer.

The downside is that I only answer these questions once a week, and the question needs to be of general interest.

Ask your question here if you want answers from my readers as well as me if it’s a general question about health effects or product evaluations

Any personal questions should be asked as a paid phone or email consultation.


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