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Vermont Wooden Block Company

A system of unique interlocking building blocks that fit together to create endless possibilities. Standard blocks combine with small End Blocks to create turns and openings, such as doors and window. Wide, Flat Top Blocks are used for capping off buildings, or stools to sit on. “These natural toys are made from regionally sourced White Pine wood and are supplied unfinished.

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Willa Walker

This is a simple yet smart tool that makes learning to walk even more fun for toddlers while saving adults the back-pain from always having to bend over to help them. It consists of a wooden handle, two ropes and two wooden rings.”WWs are made by 4 dads from 100% recycled, sustainably-farmed wood, cotton & coconut oil. Thats it! The child’s safety has always been our first priority when designing the WW. For this reason, we have chosen only high quality, traceable, non-toxic, materials for each component of the WW. Much detail and attention has been provided within the Instructions for Use. The Willa Walker meets Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) safety standards.”

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Finn + Emma

Clothing for babies and kids made from 100% G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton, eco-friendly inks and dyes, and lead and nickel free snaps with coconut insert. Also snuggle and dangling toys made from 100% G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton stuffed with sheep’s wool, untreated woods with nontoxic vegetable seed wax finish, and other good materials.

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Kid Licks

OK OK I finally found a nail polish that I can recommend. It’s “so natural it’s edible.” Really. Zero toxic fumes. And some ingredients are organic. This stuff smells like fruit. The polish goes on smoothly and has a beautiful finish. Vibrant color. I can’t find anything toxic about it. Takes longer to dry than toxic nail polish. And it washes right off with water. It’s really designed for little girls to play dress-up, and it wouldn’t stand up to a day of washing hands or dishes. But if you want to play dress-up for a special night out, or put it on your toe nails until your next shower, this would be great. I’m going to play with the sample they sent me.

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A wooden push “balance bike” to ease the transition to pedal-powered bicycle at a toddler’s comfort level. Designed by a Dutch father as a gift to his son, “Our balance bikes are made from sustainable birch wood, from a replenishable source. The airless tires are completely biodegradable. We use minimal packaging material made from recycled paper and water based-ink. The chalkboard finish paint is water-based and the lacquer is non-toxic.” Also push bikes made from bamboo wood.


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Uncle Goose

Adorable wooden blocks painted with animal faces and features. Also beautiful ABC blocks. These are truly works of art. I love these! “We handcraft every set in Grand Rapids, Michigan, using choice materials from around the Great Lakes. And yes, we are 100% made in the USA…non-toxic, child-safe inks on all our blocks.”

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Mountain Honey Clothiers

“We are committed to creating heirloom quality children’s clothing, toys, and accessories, that support imagination and your child’s own unique style. We don’t skip corners, follow the hotest trends, or print big flashy logos on our products. We create pieces that are timeless and fun, yet incredibly functional.We are all about bringing your family fashion choices that allow your little one to express their uniqueness and creativity, while making a positive impact on their world. Our clothing is more than just whimsical, well made, and unique, it is made by a small company, with a huge heart; a company with a conscience.” In an email, Diedre told me she is committed to using only natural fibers (with one tiny exception: recycled plastic in a wool blend). She tries to use as much certified organically grown cotton as possible, or organic linen. The dolls are stuffed with fluffy organic cotton fill. I choose fabrics that have a 100% cotton, linen, wool, or flax content, no synthetic fibers. I use cotton thread, and metal snaps that are produced in the US and are nickel-free. I purchase from companies that either produce their products organically, are sustainably run, or can be classified as a “small business”. 100% of my products are handmade in VT, USA by either myself or my assistant. The Mountain Honey line is based on the principles of sustainably produced, small-batch fashion.”

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Little Barefoot Princess

“Classic heirloom-quality soft toys re-imagined in choice materials: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Hemp, Peace Silk and “The Fiber of the Gods” ˜ fine Alpaca fleece.” Their teddy bear is made from alpaca fiber, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and low impact fiber reactive dyes. Plus other stuffed animals—both real and imaginary—are made in the same manner. Blue whales, dolphins, unicorns, dragons, pegasus, rabbits, elephants…all handmade.

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Manzanita Kids

Handmade wooden toys in the natural colors of the various woods they are made from. “We carefully select the best American hardwoods for our toys and buy from a local source. This beautiful wood is enhanced and protected by our own blend of beeswax and organic jojoba oil, which we apply and polish by hand. The birch plywood we use for our modular toys is of the highest quality, it exceeds the strict requirements set by the European Union and the California Environmental Protection Agency (CARB II). Our toys are safe, durable, beautiful and meant to be passed to the next generation.”

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Camden Rose

Natural toys and home goods for environmentally conscious families. “We believe it is possible to raise healthy children without the harmful toxins and electronic influences that challenge today’s families.” and so this couple began to design and make their own toys, inspired by the natural toys made in Europe. “Camden Rose natural toys are made from wood, wool, silk, and cotton. Children love these materials because they have a warm, honest quality that appeals to the senses. Unlike plastic, they do not impart a false impression of weight, mass, or touch. Imbued with the life force of trees, plants, and living creatures such as honeybees, our toys are lovely to touch and behold.” No plastics.

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Countryside Gifts

Handmade wooden toys, banks, crayon holders, models, desk accessories and more, with traditional and creative designs. Some can be personalized.”All of our products are lovingly hand-crafted in our wood shop using the finest grade woods and materials. Our products are beautifully finished using only nontoxic finishes. The majority of our products are made from woods harvested using Sustainable Forestry Practices and feature Environmentally Friendly, Organic and Natural Finishes. All our products are 100% Handmade in the USA.

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Handcrafted wood toys. Mostly cars and trucks and trains, but if you have an idea for a toy that you’d like, they are happy to make it for you. “All of our handcrafted wood toys provide hours of imaginative play for toddlers and children of all ages. The toys may be ordered with or without (natural) a child safe oiled finish.”

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Cake in the Morn

Cake in the Morn specializes in natural, eco friendly Montessori and Waldorf toys. Each toy is made to order. It is hand cut, hand painted, and hand sewn by Heidi. Each design you see is created by Heidi and unique to Cake in the Morn. You won’t find toys like ours anywhere else! We use eco-friendly felt, all American hardwood, and an AP-certified non-toxic paint wash on all of our wood products. All of our toys are sealed with our very own homemade local beeswax seal.

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Bannor Toys

Charming wooden toys, with no toxic anything, handcrafted completely in the USA. “Our wood is natural, we do not stain it. We use Maple, Cherry, and Walnut woods and their natural colors. Our finish is an organic beeswax and flaxseed oil mixture that is all natural and nontoxic so it is the perfect finish for baby’s mouth. The oil brings out the color and the beeswax provides durability. Our glue and paint are organic as well made from a company in the United States. They are 100% safe, lead free, no VOC’s, and non-toxic. Our teethers are left “naked”, there is no finish on them.”

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The Woodshaper Shop of Maine

“Where wood is shaped into treasured creations for the home and garden.” Their “refined rustic furniture” for the garden is durable and affordable, made of “native white cedar and are true Maine Made quality.” Their classic wooden toys give a creative alternative to video games. “Made of pine and finished with a beeswax and citrus sealer, Woodshaper Shop toys are safe and durable.”

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Organic Grace

Just about everything you might need for your baby, chosen to be safe by a real mother for her baby. Crib and mattresses, bedding, glass bottles, cloth diapers, baby blankets and clothes, herbal products, dolls, teethers, toys, pactifiers, pillows, and more–all made from nontoxic, natural, and organic materials. Even organic cotton baby carriers!

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Hazelnut Kids

“Natural toys for girls and boys.” This site has LOTS of toys to choose from that range from art supplies to wooden toys, and everything in between: blocks, dolls and dollhouses, games, musical instruments, puzzles, stuffed animals, and more. They have a good list of chemicals that are not in their products, including their health effects, and give each product an icon for “toxin-free,” “sustainable production,” “organic,” “made in the USA,” “recycled,” and “social responsibility,” (and maybe more…these are the ones I found) which show why they chose the product and helps you find the attributes you are looking for at a glance. Many of the toys also have stories about who made them. See their article “Why Choose Natural, Wooden and Organic Toys?”

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Bella Luna Toys

“Unique natural toys and products for children and families that are safe, healthy and encourage imaginative play. You will find no battery-operated or plastic toys here, the kind that will be played with for a short time before ending up in a landfill. Our quality toys are not disposable. They are built to last; the kind of toys that can be passed on or handed down to future generations. Most of our toys are made in the USA, Germany or Canada. The ones made overseas are certified to be ethically and sustainably made. Our toys have been tested to meet the strictest safety standards.”

Listen to Debra’s 2013 interview with Bella Luna Toys Owner Sarah Baldwin.

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Oompa – Naturally Brilliant Toys

Literally hundreds of wooden and organic toys from around the world. “With a keen eye for MODERN design, superior craftsmanship, fine materials, and high play value, we continuously search the world for the best toys for your child. We seek out manufacturers that make sincere efforts to respect the planet and that provide safe, nurturing environments for their employees.” Search by age, brand, category, and country.

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Nova Natural Toys and Crafts

Aimed to families and teachers, this website carries “a wide variety of natural products, which are conducive to creative and wholesome living. We offer finely crafted toys that inspire imaginative play, beautifully illustrated children’s books, a wide range of parenting and craft books, non-competitive games which successfully combine action and challenge with co-operation and compassion and natural craft and art supplies to create your own works of beauty…Each toy should be age-appropriate in form and in function. Toys should further the child’s inner development allowing children to express moods and feelings freely and have an ‘open-ended’ quality…A simple toy allows the child’s imagination, full play.” All the toys are made from natural materials. Toys include teddy bears and stuffed animals, wooden toys and games, toys for learning skills, science and discovery, arts and crafts, and much more. Everything a child could need for inspirational and educational play—all made from natural materials.

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Magic Cabin

“We believe in good-old-fashioned make believe and in children’s innate need to interact with simple, natural toys and crafts…we conscientiously select products that are beautiful and enchanting, sturdy and safe, and best of all, FUN.” Choose from toys, games, puzzles, dolls, silks, and household items.  Some items have safer materials than others.  Look for the “All Natural” section.

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