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Debra’s List Body Care Update Project



I’m working on some updates to the body care section of Debra’s List.

A lot has changed in the body care sector since I started Debra’s List, and I’m in the process of going through all the listings, re-evaluating them and reorganizing them where necessary. Some I am deleting altogether.

I’m focusing on listing websites in these categories:

* Websites that sell products made of certified organic ingredients by companies that are also certified organic. These I have put in their own category at Certified Organic Bodycare Companies. This is a very short list at the moment, but I am sure it will grow over time. These would be the least toxic body care products available. These companies have as their purpose to be organic.

* Websites that sell products made with certified organic or wildcrafted ingredients but the company is not certified as a certified organic handler. These companies also have as their purpose to be organic and use as many organic ingredients as possible.

* Websites that sell products that are fragrance-free. These now  have their own category page at Fragrance-Free Body Care. These are usually not organic, but they qualify here because they have eliminated the very toxic synthetic fragrance. These products have no fragrance of any kind—synthetic or natural. NOTE: Some of these websites sell products with fragrance and without.

* Websites that sell products that are generally called pure or natural. This means is that the products are free of any synthetic ingredients made from petrochemicals. Though they are not organic, these products have eliminated all petrochemical ingredients. Many also use some small percentage of organic ingredients.

* Websites that sell natural and organic ingredients so you can make your own body care products. These have their own page at Make It Yourself Body Care.

I’m also looking for some very basic things. From now on: 

* All websites must list their ingredients. I’m in the process of checking every website for this and any that do not list their ingredients are being removed. I will particularly note those websites that explain their ingredients as well.

* All websites must have contact information.

Any website that does not have this information will not be added to Debra’s List. And any on Debra’s List that do not have this information will be deleted. I will notify websites and give them the opportunity to add their ingredient information before deleting.

I’m also  looking specifically at the ingredient “essential oils.” I’m still studying this ingredient to fully understand the various grades of essential oils. But soon I will be re-evaluating all the products that contain essential oils.

I’ll be updating this page as I continue to work on this. So check back if you’d like to see how I’m progressing.





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