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This is the best dental floss I’ve found. Materials are natural and biodegradable and it comes in a refillable glass jar. No plastic here of any kind. There are two types. Flosspot is made from silk worm silk floss with a coating of candelilia wax for a smooth glide between teeth. Flosspot Gold is silk made from corn husks, coated with candelilia wax, and a ginger-mint flavoring. Both are certified by the USDA as biobased products.

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POH Personal Oral Hygiene

Dental floss and toothbrush used by Preventive Dentists. “These are Dentists who have studied the science and art of preventing disease from ever taking hold in the mouth. These Dentists do not want to fill another cavity, or pull another diseased tooth…The science behind our toothbrushes and dental floss was developed by a Medical Doctor, not a Dentist. The products depend on this science…Our toothbrush bristles are very thin with carefully polished tips. This makes the bristles very soft and gentle, compared to other toothbrushes. Since this part of the toothbrush is actually what is useful, we focus our attention there…Our floss is very different, too. Its many thin strands of nylon enable our floss to disrupt and disorganize the bacterial plaque, which is the key to preventing tooth decay and gum disease.” One of my longtime readers recommended this method. She has been using it with success for years. Products are made from nylon.

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Made Simple Skincare

Organic skin and oral care, created in small batches, bottled in glass. “Nothing but pure, active ingredients…raw, vegan, non-GMO…Made Simple Skin Care was founded with the idea that taking care of yourself is tantamount to taking care of others and the planet we all inhabit. That means starting from the soil to the seed to the plant and to you. What if high quality, natural skin products were not only luxurious in form and formula, but sustainable in principle? “We believe that if you take care of nature it will, take care of you.”

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Rowan Tree Botanicals

Therapeutic organic herbal formulas for dental care, including tooth remineralizing toothpaste, oil pulling mouthwash, oil pulling oil with comfry, and an ebook on how to heal cavities and reverse gum disease. Also remineralize toothpaste formula for children. “Our traditionally crafted products contain only ingredients which are certified organic, ethically wild-harvested or grown organically by Sarah Wildroot, founder of Rowan Tree Botanicals. We make our herbal remedies in small batches by hand to preserve the potency, integrity and purity of the products that we offer here, for the well being of you and your loved ones.”

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A line of organic and natural dental products, including USDA certified organic toothpaste, silk dental floss and eco-friendly toothbrushes. “Our Radius USDA Organic 100% biodegradable Silk Floss is spun from the finest grade silk and dipped in 100% pure, natural candelilla wax which is a plant based wax. The end result is the most natural floss available on the market today. Silk was the original material used for all flosses throughout the world until the late 1930s when silk sources to the Western world were cut off due to the sino-Japanese War. Silk is an all-natural alternative to nylon.“

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Dragonfly Effect Naturals

The best toothbrush I’ve found! The Sustainabrush is made from 100% sustainably-sources organic mosa bamboo (the kind pandas do not eat). Even the bristles are made of bamboo. I have one and it is just like brushing with a regular toothbrush, but it feels better in your mouth and there are no plastics. Bristles come in colors, or the natural ivory color. They also make a Detoxi Toothpaste that bond with heavy metals and radiation. No fluoride and safe to swallow. Made from Bentonite Clay, Diatomaceous Earth, Baking Soda, Certified Organic Flavor Oil, Non-GMO Xylitol,and Sea Salt.

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“Fine flavored toothpicks” that come in little glass vials so you can carry them with you. They are made in the USA from birch and other materials obtained from American and Canadian suppliers. The company is a net contributor to the environment, maintaining a minimum 1:100 ratio of milling to repeating forestland. The flavors are original blends, all natural, and organic when possible.

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Essential Oxygen

This dental “brushing rinse” made of food-grade hydrogen peroxide, aloe and a potent blend of USDA certified organic essential oils. Developed by the founder to solve her own dental problems, it whitens teeth, heals gums, freshens breath, improves tooth sensitivity, kills oral bacteria, and more. I’ve tried this and love it. It’s a rinse and tooth cleaner in one, just swish it around in your mouth and then brush your teeth. It made me smile!

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Pure Cure Denture Detox

This is the first company to address the toxins and allergens in dentures. Pure Cure Denture Detox reduces the residual toxic and allergenic substances that have been shown to leach from dentures and into the mouth. Two sisters founded the small family company after their father, an award winning dental technician, was diagnosed with demyelinating toxic neuropathy from working with denture chemicals. After being the first to offer denture detoxification as a dental lab service, they’ve become the leading provider of information for the general public on denture toxicity Get their Free Report on Denture Toxicity.

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Miswak Club

A miswak is a natural toothbrush made from a tree branch. Picked specifically from the tree ‘Salvadora persica’ it has a unique chemical composition that works exceptionally well to naturally clean and whiten teeth. The Journal of Health says, “It it has been found that if a miswak is used correclty, then it is more effective in reducing plaque and gum disease than that of a toothbrush due to its antibacterial properties and brushing action.” Comes with two custom-designed carrying cases so you can brush wherever you are.

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elää is a Finnish word meaning “to be alive”…”Just like a hummingbird or butterfly transforms and thrives with vitality and beauty from the drink of plant nectars, so shall you”. elaa products are made from living and highly active, transformational plant oils and extracts. With these precious nectars, you’ll soon fly. Soar to your highest height of aliveness, health, and beauty.” Pure, super active living organic skin, body, dental, and hair care products.

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Magic Mud

“The Original Detoxifying Tooth Powder” contains certified organic and natural ingredients that detoxify your mouth and whiten your teeth with regular brushing. The powder turns to a paste as you brush. No flavorings are added. Because it contains activated carbon and clay, it’s a little messy, but it cleans your teeth really well.

Listen to my interview with Jessica Arman, Founder of My Magic Mud

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Primal Life Organics

Paleo, gluten-free, vegan skincare options for those looking to detoxify their skincare and get back to the basics. Products are all natural, organic and made fresh when ordered. Made from ingredients our primal ancestors could have used for their own skincare. Choose from makeup made from plants and clay, skin care, hair care, tooth powder, pregnancy products and baby care. Watch how they make their products on this video.

Listen to Debra’s 2014 interview with Primal Life Organics CEO Trina Felber, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA.

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“Earthpaste began because we couldn’t find a natural toothpaste we loved for our families. We wanted a toothpaste that was as natural as possible…It isn’t just safe to swallow – each ingredient in Earthpaste has been used to support healthy systems.” All the ingredients come from a natural source and each has a purpose. Good formula.

Listen to my interview with Earthpaste Founder Darryl Bosshardt.

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Vermont Soap

“Our products are so natural, they’re certified to USDA organic food standards by Vermont Organic Farmers.” They have been a certified organic processorsince 2003. For over twenty years Vermont Soap has been manufacturing 100% natural and toxic-free personal care and cleaning products. They make handmade bar soaps for sensitive skin, anti-aging products and moisturizers, 100% natural shower gels (soap based), castile liquid soaps, nontoxic cleaners, products for pets, camping and gardening. All products are free from artificial scents (many are unscented altogether) and other toxic ingredients, such as antimicrobials and detergents.

  Listen to Debra’s interviews with Vermont Soap founder Larry Plesent

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