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Cleo & Coco

Detox deodorant and detox dust made of activated charcoal and bentonite clay “to remove bacteria and toxins and absorb wetness. Due to the detox benefits of these all-natural healthy ingredients, as well as due to eliminating antiperspirants and synthetic deodorants from your daily routine, after using your Detox Deodorant a few days, you will notice that you are naturally not as wet or have any BO, even on days when you forget to put on your Cleo&Coco DetoxDeo! This means that you have successfully detoxed your underarms…We use only organic activated charcoal from coconuts.” These products are scented with essential oils from vanilla, lavender and orange peel.

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Pure Pitz

Deodorant is made using “only the purest of certified organic and natural ingredients” made in a USDA Certified Organic Lab. It’s “the safe and effective way to neutralize the worst of body odor without harmful chemicals – and it really works!” Contains a proprietary blend of essential oils. No “unscented” available.

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Coco Pits

Unscented, certified organic stick and cream deodorants, made from organic virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, organic arrowroot powder, beeswax, Vitamin E oil, and organic essential oils. Also comes in six scents.

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Thirteen Organics

Natural-scent skin care and deodorant products. “Thirteen Organics only uses all natural and organic ingredients sourced locally and globally. We do not use artificial colouring or synthetic fragrances – our products are either naturally scented or coloured with what nature provided. Our products are scented with strictly premium organic essential oils, and we only use key ingredients – no unnecessary fillers. We produce quality hand crafted products in small batches…The need to start taking a totally natural approach to skin care was apparent. It was frustrating trying to find products out there that were 100% natural and effective, so our founder started handcrafting it herself so that she actually knew what was in her products… no looking back since. We have created our own gorgeous line of products to help you take back control of your skin.”

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Agent Nateur

Just one product—luxury organic deodorant—made from organic coconut oil, avocado, raw organic honey, and essential oils. “After purchasing and testing nearly every available natural deodorant free of aluminum, I found that none were effective…. I decided to make my own…I want to change the way the world views luxury cosmetics. If you choose to live a healthy, natural lifestyle, the application and absorption of healthy cosmetics are as critical as the ingestion of healthy food. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it. Your cosmetics should be equally gorgeous and healthy.”

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