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butcherbox-200100% grass-fed beef, organic chicken and Heritage Breed pork delivered directly to your door for about $6 per serving. Your order arrives in cooler with a note from the butcher describing the cuts of meat and the farms that raised them. I have to say, I ordered a box and the quality of the meat was way above and beyond what I can buy at my local natural food stores or butchers. It’s the best-tasting meat I’ve ever eaten. Really. Just delicious. I’m going to continue to order from them. You buy a box on a subscription basis (1, 2 or 3 month delivery). Choose the all-beef box, or beef in various combinations with pork and chicken. You can also add on extras like sugar-free Paleo bacon, burgers, and ground beef, and change your order any time. “The beef is sourced from a collection of small grass-fed farms. It’s of the utmost quality and tastes incredible. The taste is attributed to our special ButcherBox blend of grasses.”

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