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Love is actually listed on the ingredients list for these exceptional chocolates. Named “best organic chocolate” by Food & Wine magazine and other connoisseurs, Dagoba makes “Premium Hand Crafted Organic Chocolate in uncharted flavor landscapes for the palate.” Their mission is “to create the purest, most exquisite chocolate products available by melding ancient principles and modern methods, offer new and exotic products to the chocolate market and most importantly, help create a better world through organic/sustainable agriculture, ethical trading and eco-friendly manufacturing practices.” Check their website for some intriguing and hard-to-find organic chocolate products: 73% Chocodrops (chocolate chips), Chocolate-coated Coffee Beans, Cacao Nibs, Chocolate Syrup, Cacao Powder. They offer 59% SemiSweet, 74% Bittersweet, and 87% “eclipse” chocolate bars, plus 59% SemiSweet with such flavors as Raspberries-Rosehips, Lavender-Blueberries, and Mint with a Hint of Rosemary. They also have “single origin” bars that are made with beans from unique ecosystems that are fully described on the website. If you like hot chocolate, try their Xocolatl Hot Chocolate–“We’ve resurrected the legendary cacao drink of the Aztecs by adding chilies and a hint of cinnamon to our award-winning Hot Chocolate.” Labels are printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based ink. “Our facility is 100% powered by renewable energy sources and is dedicated organic – no conventional chocolate ever passes through our machinery.” Sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice.

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