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I was driving around Healdsburg, California looking for a place to park and the only space I could find after 10 minutes of driving was almost right in front of SHED. This is an amazing place dedicated to sustainable agriculture. They have a food shop, a restaurant, and a space for lectures and events. And an incredible kitchwares department. Really unusual things. All natural materials. I was especially impressed with their collection of all natural bristle bottle brushes (a very difficult thing to find nowadays). This is a kitchen store with items chosen with a sustainability viewpoint, by people who know how and love to cook.

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Earth Stix

Disposable wooden cutlery made from all natural birch wood. “Our stylish and sustainable Earth Stix are the perfect fit for use at parties, campouts, weddings, and the like. Earth Stix can be used for traveling, packed meals, picnics, and more. ”

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Moon Spoons

I first found MoonSpoons in a handmade crafts store and bought one of their wooden tongs because I love the nature-inspired designs: stars, the moon, leaves, flowers and more. Their new line features designs based in architectural elements. Their spoons and other utensils are made in Kempton PA of solid cherry wood native to Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. They “finish” their utensils with a food grade mineral oil but spoons can also be purchased “unfinished”.

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Allegheny Treenware

A large selection of wooden kitchen utensils for everyday use. “All products are MADE IN THE USA, with quality West Virginia hardwoods that, if taken care of, will serve your cooking needs for years to come. Spoons, measuring cups and spoons, forks, knives ,strainers, flippers, serving utensils, spreaders, stirrers, salad utensils, tongs, and much more. Good, sturdy, simple, useful designs.

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I’m old enough to remember paper straws from the days before everything began to be made of plastic. So I was delighted to see the revival of the paper straw on this website. “ They’re Safe And FDA Food Grade Compliant Approved. Aardvark® only uses materials that are non-toxic, BPA-free and ELEMENTAL chlorine free. In fact, many straws made overseas claim to use safe inks, but the colorants and the processes used to dry the inks are anything but safe. Aardvark® doesn’t use un-safe dyes or materials in our straws, and we have had independent, 3rd party testing done to prove it. We’re proud to say that Aardvark paper straws are the strongest, longest lasting on the market. All other paper straws on the market are made in China. But Aardvark straws are 100% Made in the USA — and they always have been. Ours is the original paper straw, based on a design patented by Marvin Stone in 1888. ”

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Michigan Sloyd

Wooden spoons and other utensils made in the”Sloyd” tradition. Sloyd is a Scandinavian-based handcraft movement and educational system with woodworking as the traditional focus. Items produced through Sloyd are meant to be practical for everyday use: spoons, bowls, cups, buttons, coat hooks, furniture, etc. The woodworker lives and works on a 6th generation family farm in Harbor Springs, MI. He has spent the last several years learning traditional methods to transform the trees and branches of his local woods into everyday household goods.

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Straw Free

Reuable drinking straws, handmade from sustainably harvested bamboo. “Each bamboo straw is hand-made by volunteers using local bamboo and will vary slightly in color and size. All proceeds go to education and outreach about the impact of plastic pollution.”

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Vermont Rolling Pins

Hand turned rolling pins in more than a dozen sizes and styles, each shaped from a solid block of maple, cherry or walnut hardwood. Hand turned with love and made in the USA. All of our woods are made with select, solid hardwoods.,sustainably harvested, and are from a Vermont millworker.

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Carved Wooden Spoons

Woodenware items you can’t find anywhere else…wooden spoons of all shapes and sizes. From tablespoons, to teaspoons, the wooden spatulas, to the more exotic shaped kitchen utensil, there’s a wooden cooking utensil for every kitchen and occasion. All of my utensils are handcrafted and with proper care can last to be passed down generations. I use sustainably harvested wood and I’m dedicated to making a 100% all natural wood product that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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Cattails Woodwork

Beautiful wooden kitchenware in simple yet artful designs. Wood Mason jar tops, rolling pins, spurtels, door stops, ceramic burr coffee grinders with wood lids and hand crank, breadboards, knife racks, cake pedestals…”Each piece is skillfully crafted from solid wood to create something that is not only beautiful and soft to the touch but it will last for generations. My belief is that we should buy and use things that are wonderful to both the hand and eye, very functional works that do not have to be replaced, heirlooms to be enjoyed for generations. These special works made from wood bring a warm touch of nature into our lives. love my job..EVERY SINGLE DAY.” This is just how I live, All my day-to-day things have to be natural and beautiful. This website is in Canada, but I had to make an exception.

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Kaufmann Mercantile

If I lived down the street from this store, I would be there constantly. First I would buy the waterproof waxed cotton canvas lunch bag. “Home pared down to the essentials….From the very beginning, the Kaufmann Mercantile team has worked closely with makers and manufacturers from around the world, sharing a deep appreciation for products made with honest, lasting materials and grounded in a sense of place. Our new endeavor, Kaufmann, is dedicated to the simple yet focused pursuit of distilling a piece to its most essential elements. Each is made in the United States by hand.” Furniture, dinnerware, bags, kitchenware, candles, all thoughtfully and beautifully designed from natural materials. Cookware and bakeware is all clay, porcelain and soapstone.

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Extraordinary wooden bowls, plates, cutting boards, utensils and more, with unique, colorful, stylish design details. “All of our wood comes from the USA and is either FSC certified or salvaged locally from naturally felled trees.” They also use a food-safe synthetic silicone rubber.

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Simple, unfinished wood boxes, one designed to carry pies, one designed to carry cookies, and one designed to carry cupcakes. “Wherever you go, whatever you bake, PieBox will get you there.PieBox designs reusable wooden pastry carriers and accessories. Handcrafted with love in the wonderful USA.” I love these. It a great way to take your organic sweets to potlucks and parties and picnics.

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Polder’s Old World Market

Gorgeous, gourmet wooden spoons, scoops, measuring spoons and cups, handmade by members of a family that live on a farm in Tennessee. “We use local fallen hardwoods almost exclusively. It is a delight to us to be able to utilize a resource that would otherwise decay and waste on the forest floor and it is so incredible to open up a log and find such a beautiful variety of art inside. We are continually amazed that God has hidden such beauty underneath the rough bark of the tree. This creative way of sourcing wood allows us to offer a really stunning variety of wood types, grains and colors…We finish all of our wooden products with our signature blend of olive oil and beeswax. Over time, we’ve come to call it wood butter, and the younger members of the family especially love to hand finish our products with the cream. It is amazing to watch a piece of dry wood burst to life when wood butter is spread over the smooth surface and rubbed in. It’s one of the most enjoyable parts of the whole process. “ Expensive.

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Safe, fun, reusable glass drinking straws. Made from the stongest commercially available glass in the world. Straight or bent, 7 different colors, and playful designs. Straws come in various diameters and lengths to match your needs for different types of beverages. They even have carrying cases so you can take your glass straw anywhere you go. Dishwasher safe, designed and handmade in the USA, kid-friendly.

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Urthware Cutting Boards

“Naturally safe cutting boards and kitchenware without the toxic, synthetic and/or petroleum based chemicals found in most cutting boards. From our organic finishes to our all natural gum tree rubber feet. We go out of our way to create products that are as natural as possible and healthy for your family to use. Why buy expensive organic food just to place it on either a plastic cutting board, a glue filled bamboo board (usually an untested glue) or a wooden board containing toxic glues (untested) or scrap lumber or lumber obtained in unethical ways? When you now do have a choice. Urthware, naturally safe kitchenware…ZERO glues and ZERO petroleum based coatings. They are the most natural and safe cutting boards we can possibly produce…We use North American Hard Maple for most of our cutting boards. Hard Maple has the perfect blend of hardness for durabilty and softness to not dull your knife blades. It also has been shown in studies to not harbor bacteria.”

Listen to my interviews with Michal Gal, Founder of Urthware

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Glass Dharma

“The Original Glass Straw.” You’ll never buy another plastic straw again. These beautiful glass straws come with a life-time guarantee against breakage- if they do break, they will be replaced for free. The straws come in four different diameters and various lengths…you can even order a custom straw for your favorite glass. They also have straws with various colored glass dots, for identification and to keep them from rolling off the counter. And they supply right-sized cleaning brushes and hemp soft sleeves, so you can carry your glass straw wherever you go. I have a set and I love them!

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Totally Bamboo

A large selection of bamboo cutting boards, plates, bowls, and accessories. “Bamboo is actually a grass that grows to a harvestable height between 3-5 years. Some species grow up to 2 feet per day. After harvesting, bamboo does not require replanting. Bamboo has an extensive root system that continually sends up new shoots, naturally replenishing itself, making it one of the most renewable resources known. Our unique bamboo cutting boards are hand crafted using hundreds of tiny laminated bamboo strips. Unlike most other hardwoods, bamboo absorbs very little moisture and consequently does not shrink or swell as much, making it a superior choice of material for cutting boards. It is 16% harder than maple which means less visible knife marks keeping the cutting board looking brand new for years to come.”

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Jonathan’s Wild Cherry Spoons

All kinds of beautiful cherrywood kitchen utensils, handmade in Pennsylvania from locally harvested wood. “My utensils have a unique sense of balance and warmth because they are designed with the hand and purpose in mind. In all of my work I strive for a balance of the use in the tactile and esthetic qualities, with the use of utility and purpose.” I first learned about this company when I purchased a pair of tongs in a store. I was drawn to them because of their simple beauty for a utilitarian everyday object.

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