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ABC Carpet & Home

This huge website has almost everything you can think of, chosen from a natural, organic ethic and an “organic simplicity of nature” design aesthetic. That said, it’s impossible for me to check every product to guarantee it’s nontoxic, but you’ll find many toxic-free products here you won’t find anywhere else. Last weekend I happened to be driving within a few miles of one of their stores, so I stopped in. Everywhere I looked, almost everything was made from natural materials. Many custom and extraordinary designs. Mostly $$$$$.

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Peg and Awl

“Useful objects for the home” made from reclaimed wood, leather, and natural fiber fabrics. “To make our wares, we gather materials from flea markets and old shoppes, abandoned houses and torn-down buildings, construction sites, yard sales, and dirty basements. Most of what we use—leather from baseball gloves and drawing-room chairs, and WWII gun slings, pages from outdated medical texts and antique seed catalogs, misplaced photographs of people long dead, fabric from bedding, aprons, window covering—is more than a century old. Every item bears marks of a not-fully-known and not-quite-finished past” While they do not add any toxic materials when making their wares, note that some of their materials may have origins unknown, so proceed with caution and ask questions.


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Kelly & Co.

A “small and sturdy collection of thoughtfully designed handmade goods for the home. Materials- like linen, waxed canvas and reclaimed hardwoods are chosen for their sustainability, durability, and beauty. Enduring and durable, simple and sturdy, handy and handmade.” Oversized linen napkins in soft colors, linen blankets, linen coffee filters, wooden bangles, aprons, waxed canvas lunch bags and carryalls… “Kelly & Co. represents the work of two Kellys- Erin & Don- both living and working in the same tiny town in the hills of western Massachusetts. They are niece & uncle, and work with fabric & wood, respectively…Both have been at their chosen crafts for many years- so long that it feels perhaps their crafts chose them. Each will wax poetic about their materials if given the opportunity, and family dinners may find them appreciating the tiny luxuries of working where they live..”

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Kaufmann Mercantile

If I lived down the street from this store, I would be there constantly. First I would buy the waterproof waxed cotton canvas lunch bag. “Home pared down to the essentials….From the very beginning, the Kaufmann Mercantile team has worked closely with makers and manufacturers from around the world, sharing a deep appreciation for products made with honest, lasting materials and grounded in a sense of place. Our new endeavor, Kaufmann, is dedicated to the simple yet focused pursuit of distilling a piece to its most essential elements. Each is made in the United States by hand.” Furniture, dinnerware, bags, kitchenware, candles, all thoughtfully and beautifully designed from natural materials. Cookware and bakeware is all clay, porcelain and soapstone.

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Life Without Plastic

This extensive website was put together by a couple who wanted to help people reduce their plastic consumption. They quickly realized that to accomplish this, they needed to be able to point them toward non-plastic alternatives that could replace the plastic items currently used in day-to-day life. Today their website sells plastic-free items that are scrupulously reviewed by them for quality, health, environment, and worker conditions, showing “the beauty and simplicity of a life without plastic.” Child and baby products, food storage, tableware, water storage, bags, toys, home and body care, kitchen, glassware, school and office supplies, travel and takeout, pet care, water, gifts.

Listen to my interview with Life Without Plastic co-founder and co-owner Jay Sinha.

Listen to my 2nd interview with Life Without Plastic co-founder and co-owner Jay Sinha.

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Hemp Basics

“The Internet’s Widest Selection of Hemp Products,” provided by a company that has been making and selling hemp products since 1991. Choose from clothing for men and women, bags, accessories, body care, home and garden, and pet. Also basic hemp materials to make things yourself, including fabrics, yarn, rope, webbing, and more.

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Viva Terra

Stylish, eco-friendly goods for every room in your home, plus food, garden, baby, and jewelry too.hoppi ”All VivaTerra products reflect a commitment to:

  • ECOLOGY AND ELEGANCE: The finest goods that uniquely fuse exceptional quality and design with eco sensitivities
  • ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLE SOURCES: The purest ingredients and sustainable resources possible – selected to be the best available.
  • EARTH AND PEOPLE FRIENDLY: Partners and suppliers who share our values and work to make a positive difference in the world.
  • HANDCRAFTED BY ARTISANS: Distinctive goods of uncommon value, handcrafted by passionate designers and artisans
  • CELEBRATE LIFE: Celebrate life and human spirit by honoring traditions from cultures around the world.”

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I can only describe this site as “organic fiber paradise.” They carry an extensive selection of stylish clothing for men, women and children, plus kitchen, bed and table linens–most made from European certified organically grown hemp, organic linen or organic cotton, some with natural dyes. Many items are exclusive to this site. Plus more certified organic hemp items, including footwear, bags, fabric and hemp paper. And organic foods and sustainability books. “The philosophy that governs every aspect of product selection at is that there is no compromise for purity, environmental sustainability, and quality craftsmanship. This is why we mostly offer the highest-quality, most luxurious, best-made possible version of a product…Our hemp products are, of course, sustainably made with no sweatshop, child, or underwaged labor involved at any step of the cultivation or manufacturing process — this is something which we have taken pride in from the very beginning.”

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N.E.E.D.S. (Nutritional Ecological Environmental Delivery System) provides products, information, and education in the areas of Chemical Sensitivity, Environmental Illness, Fibromyalgia, Celiac Disease, and Candida. Their products include Environmental Equipment –air & water purification, portable saunas, oral hygiene, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and electromagnetic field (EMF) products–dietary supplements and Gluten-Free Foods, Personal Care products, mattresses and pillows, paints and sealers, cleaning products, Pet Care items, and more. They also have a wellness team and product consultants available free of charge to answer questions related to reducing exposure to toxins in the environment. Discounted prices.

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Products “that lower your daily exposure to hazardous chemical ingredients”, including air and water filters, baby products, beds & bedding, candles, cleaning products, clothing, kitchen and bath products, personal care items, and pet products.

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“Authentic, historical products for those seeking a simpler life.” This is a great site to browse for ideas on how to make things yourself and do things in the old-fashioned way. The company was founded in 1955 to serve the local Amish and others without electricity, and to preserve pre-industrial ways for future generations. If you would like to rely less on modern technology and learn how you can live closer to nature, you’ll probably find the answer here. Their bookstore is full of titles on growing your own food, healing with herbs, making soap and cheese, and other do-it-yourself subjects.

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Juniper Ridge

“Wild plant products from the mountains and deserts of the west”. Home and personal products that evoke the natural woodsy smells of the outdoors, made from wildcrafted herbs and plant trimmings. “This business was born out of my love for the wild plants and the outdoors. Everything we do…would be pointless if the plants were harmed by our harvesting activities. As such, we always harvest with permission and in a sustainable and responsible manner…When we harvest Juniper we prune around the bottom of tall tress and every year, the trees respond vigorously to the pruning by putting on new growth.” I love these products because they really speak of the wild places they come from. Like Douglas Fir tea–when I lived in California, I learned that the local natives in the forest where I lived drank Doug Fir tea. It smells and tastes like Christmas trees and my own forest. Choose from teas, sachets and incense, medicinal herbs, wild herb soaps, and wild foodstuffs like birch tree syrup and wild berry jams. “We also give 10 percent of our profits to groups that defend western wilderness, so when you buy our products not only are you getting a gift from the wild, you are also helping preserve it.”

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Yes, there really is a Janice. Since 1979, when she started this business to meet her own needs, this catalog has been a main source of supply for people with multiple chemical sensitivities. Physicians all over the country refer their patients to them. They offer the purest bedding, bath, kitchen and personal items available. When articles are not obtainable through traditional manufacturing sources, they produce them in our own sewing room with their 100% cotton fabrics and batting. They carefully wash and rinse fabrics prior to construction. As a contamination precaution, employees do not smoke or wear perfumed products while at work. Products include baby bedding, beds and bedding, cellophane bags, fabrics, household, clothing for men and women, and personal care products.

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Ten big websites offering all sorts of eco-friendly products with one shopping cart. “Create a home that is beautiful, natural and a safe environment for you and your family’s enjoyment. The best earth-friendly products available at the lowest prices possible…” Browse through EcoAnimal, EcoBathroom, EcoBedroom, EcoBicycles, EcoByDesign, EcoKitchen, EcoMattress, EcoPatio, EcoSofa and EcoToyTown.

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American Environmental Health Foundation

Founded in 1975 by William J. Rea, M.D., AEHF is a nonprofit organization founded to do research and provide education about multiple chemical sensitivities. This is funded in part through proceeds from their on-line store, which carries nearly 1500 environmentally safe products for the home and office, including: organic cotton clothing and bedding, personal care products, pollutant detection kits, charcoal and ceramic masks, household cleaning products, vitamin and mineral supplements, ar filters and purifiers, safe paints, sealers, and stains, adhesives, water filtration systems and saunas.

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