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In these fabrics, art meets nature in the purest organic cotton fibers and dyes. Patterns have descriptions like these…”Whispering Grass was inspired by the foliage in my backyard. All of the plants in this print are native to the California redwood coast. None of them were planted, they just grow of their own accord…Let it Grow was sparked from a picture of the ends of boards of wood stacked on top of each other. The balance of circles within squares and life within death make this more than a print to me…While having lunch outside one day, I noticed the sun shining through the leaf of a bulb. It created the most beautiful stripe. As soon as I got home, I scanned it in and recreated the rhythm. As with all my work, the credit belongs to nature.”

Listen to my interview with Harmony Susalla, Founder of Harmony Art Organic Design.

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