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All products are handmade in Vermont from natural fibers. All cotton is organic, FoxFibre™ Colorganic©, low-impact dyed, or untreated. Their pesticide-free wool is washed in hot water and soap, and processed into batting on their own machines without oils or mothproofing. Bedlinens come in all cottons, in several weights and colors, including flannels, chambrays and sateens. Also cotton and wool blankets and cotton pajamas and robes. Choose from organic wool/cotton innerspring mattress and box spring sets or organic wool/cotton futons. Most of their hardwood bed and convertible sofa frames come unfinished. Comforters are made from organic cotton chambray stuffed with several weights of organic cotton or pure wool. Pillows come in a variety of shapes and size-pure wool or organic cotton, encassed in organic cotton fabric.

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