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BBI educates people from all professions and walks of life about the hazards to human health from electromagnetic radiation, indoor air & water pollution and toxic building materials. The Institute’s website offers a wealth of free information (factsheets, videos, articles, downloads), as well as a comprehensive curriculum that includes online courses (self-study), a mentored correspondence course, and six instructor-led 5-day seminars. The institute also offers professional certification training for those who wish to make a profound difference in the health and wellbeing of others, training and certifying Building Biology Environmental Consultants (BBEC), Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists (EMRS), and Building Biology New-build Consultants (BBNC). Also offered is Building Biology Activist (BBA) Certification, which can be accomplished entirely from your home or office, and at your own pace.

BBI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit environmental education organization.

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