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A “small and sturdy collection of thoughtfully designed handmade goods for the home. Materials- like linen, waxed canvas and reclaimed hardwoods are chosen for their sustainability, durability, and beauty. Enduring and durable, simple and sturdy, handy and handmade.” Oversized linen napkins in soft colors, linen blankets, linen coffee filters, wooden bangles, aprons, waxed canvas lunch bags and carryalls… “Kelly & Co. represents the work of two Kellys- Erin & Don- both living and working in the same tiny town in the hills of western Massachusetts. They are niece & uncle, and work with fabric & wood, respectively…Both have been at their chosen crafts for many years- so long that it feels perhaps their crafts chose them. Each will wax poetic about their materials if given the opportunity, and family dinners may find them appreciating the tiny luxuries of working where they live..”

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