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I found this honey at a local farmer’s market and couldn’t resist flavors with names like Bodega Bay Blackberry, Tulare Twist and Wild Mynt. I’ve eaten enough honey to know that every honey has it’s own distinct flavor depending on where the bees are feeding, but these flavors were bold and lively. They literally jumped off the spoon. These honey makers work directly with the beekeepers to develop these concentrated flavors. I bought four jars. “At Love A Bee, our honeys are all varietals that we source from some of the most unique places. For each varietal, we develop a taste profile so when you buy a jar of our honey, you know its color and flavour characteristics (all 100% natural and unadulterated) in advance, and you also know how it links back to its point of origin. We like to think we’re successful at what we do, and our recent (2017) National Heirloom Award proves it.”

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