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Aimed to families and teachers, this website carries “a wide variety of natural products, which are conducive to creative and wholesome living. We offer finely crafted toys that inspire imaginative play, beautifully illustrated children’s books, a wide range of parenting and craft books, non-competitive games which successfully combine action and challenge with co-operation and compassion and natural craft and art supplies to create your own works of beauty…Each toy should be age-appropriate in form and in function. Toys should further the child’s inner development allowing children to express moods and feelings freely and have an ‘open-ended’ quality…A simple toy allows the child’s imagination, full play.” All the toys are made from natural materials. Toys include teddy bears and stuffed animals, wooden toys and games, toys for learning skills, science and discovery, arts and crafts, and much more. Everything a child could need for inspirational and educational play—all made from natural materials.

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