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Beautiful makeup made with USDA certified organic plant-based ingredients that you can actually eat, plus natural minerals. The face powder, for example, is made from arrowroot, cacao powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, bentonite clay, ginger and other organic ingredients. Customer reviews are *****. Affordable prices. I was so pleased with these ingredients that I tried ALL the cosmetics and was very pleased with them. They are easy to apply and look beautiful. The coiors are very soft so my skin and features are enhanced without looking like I am wearing a lot of makeup. The face powder does have a slight bit of lavender essential oil, which I could smell when I opened the package, but after letting the container sit out of the package, by the time I actually applied it, I didn’t smell it at all. Olga says let her know if you’d like it completely unscented and if enough people are interested she’ll make an unscented option.


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