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A well-chosen collection for a healthy bedroom, including Pacific Rim natural maple bedroom furniture; Pure-Rest latex and innerspring mattresses (made with natural latex, eco wool and organic cotton); Soaring Heart latex mattresses (made with organic latex, organic wool and organic cotton); Soaring Heart organic futons (various combinations of cotton, wool and latex); wood foundations and wood slat bed frames; and a full assortment of organic bedding including mattress toppers, cotton and wool mattress pads, pillows with half a dozen different natural fills, sheets, cotton and wool blankets, wool comforters, and barrier covers that protect mattresses, pillows and duvet covers from dust mites. “We bring you non-toxic, eco-friendly products that we have researched for use in our own home to protect our family, in hopes of helping you create a cleaner indoor environment for you and your loved ones.”

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Toxic Products Don’t Always Have Warning Labels. Find Out About 3 Hidden Toxic Products That You Can Remove From Your Home Right Now.