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Nova Scotia Organics

USDA Certified Organic whole food vitamins, minerals, and supplements…”We often use a production approach called the Whole Herb Method which uses the raw plant exactly as found in nature. Such plant preparations contain all the inherent constituents of the plant including the natural buffers, which help protect the body from overdose, toxicity and dangerous interactions. In contrast to many unregulated techniques that isolate a single biochemical constituent, we use the entire herb plant, allowing it to work synergistically to create the positive health effect Nature intended. Just about all of our herbal vitamins and supplements are simply whole herbs and plants dried using a gentle freeze drying process which preserves almost all of the nutritious properties of the original plant. Some formulations also add organic minerals if it is called for.” Choose from single vitamins or solution-based blends.

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Blessed Nest

A unique nursing pillow filled with buckwheat hulls, which allows you to get your baby into the proper position, and then it conforms to baby’s body and its weight helps it to stay put, instead of simply placing your baby on top of the pillow. “The miracle of buckwheat hulls is that they not only move around like a bean-bag, but they are shaped like little pyramids that interlock together like puzzle pieces so it gives stable support whatever size, shape or position you are in (and where you’re sitting!).” All of theirfabrics are certified organic by GOTS.

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Essential Wholesale & Labs

Certified organic bodycare bulk products and bulk ingredients. This allows you to purchase formulated UNSCENTED organic personal care products of all types in bulk, or purchase individual unscented ingredients and make your own. Then if you want scent, you can purchase the essential oils and add any scent you want. Products and ingredients are sold by the 1/2 gallon, gallon, and 5 gallon, but they also sell samples, so you can try before you buy in bulk.

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AcroAma Blends

Chef-created gourmet seasonings that combine the superior flavor of Celtic Sea Salt® with organic herbs and spices. ‘We go beyond exquisite taste by utilizing handcrafted production methods that preserve the delicate oils and compounds Nature intended. Every blend is made in small batches with 100% organic ingredients to ensure a fresh, potent culinary experience. Naturally gluten free and vegan friendly….We begin at the source, with farmers and producers who are committed to sustainable organic processes. Our spices are selected from the finest certified organic gardens and then handcrafted into small batches for a gentler, healthier way to preserve their benefits and ensure freshness. Every blend is 100% organic and non-irradiated, containing no hidden fillers, fragrances, anti-caking agents, or ingredients of any kind.”

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Onomea Tea Company

Certified organic teas grown in Hawaii. “Onomea Tea Company sits just above Onomea Bay on the scenic Hamakua coast of Hawaii Island. Stunningly beautiful, abundant rain with rich volcanic soils, it is ideal for making good, flavorful whole leaf Hawaii teas. We process the tea leaves into white, green, oolong and black teas and are excited by the exotic subtle, yet complex flavors achieved in this environment…we believe careful and healthful stewardship of the land contribute to healthy, flavorful tea and ensure the land stays clean and rich for the future generations.”

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Urban Roots Handmade

Handmade-to-order basic clothing for women made from pre-shrunk linen and organic cotton thread. Styles are simple and loose, natural linen and colors. French seams. Wow. These are the clothes I want to wear. Not inexpensive but beautiful. Plastic-free shipping. Sizes P-XL. Also kitchen linens and bath linens.

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Joyce Farms

This family-owned comapny is dedicated to providing “the finest, most flavorful poultry, beef and game raised on small farms using humane, all natural methods…We raise every single animal with one guiding imperative: that there is nothing added EVER – no pesticides, animal by-products, hormones, growth stimulators or antibiotics. This allows us to produce meats the way they were meant to taste.” These are heritage breeds fed a vegetable diet and water tested for purity. The animals are “raised to the highest all-natural raising standards in the U.S., even higher than what is required in some organic programs.”Their Heritage line of poultry and game birds follow strict raising standards similar to the Label Rouge standards found in Europe.

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Olga’s Organics

Beautiful makeup made with USDA certified organic plant-based ingredients that you can actually eat, plus natural minerals. The face powder, for example, is made from arrowroot, cacao powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, bentonite clay, ginger and other organic ingredients. Customer reviews are *****. Affordable prices. I was so pleased with these ingredients that I tried ALL the cosmetics and was very pleased with them. They are easy to apply and look beautiful. The coiors are very soft so my skin and features are enhanced without looking like I am wearing a lot of makeup. The face powder does have a slight bit of lavender essential oil, which I could smell when I opened the package, but after letting the container sit out of the package, by the time I actually applied it, I didn’t smell it at all. Olga says let her know if you’d like it completely unscented and if enough people are interested she’ll make an unscented option.


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Sapo Company

A family owned and operated business that offers 100% Natural & Organic Soaps that are made right here in the USA. “Each bar is made with at least 85% organic ingredients and no artificial colors, fragrances, ingredients or preservatives.” Choose from unscented or mostly non-floral scents such as lemongrass, peppermint, shea honey, thyme, and oatmeal spice.

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