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WOCA Woodcare

Quality wood care products from Denmark. “We carry everything you need for all of your wood floor finishing needs, repair, and maintenance. Our website contains all of the information you need for wood floor finishing, furniture restoration, or to maintain your floors to a beautiful shine. All of our Finishing Oils are VOC free, plant based and non-polluting. They are a safe and environmentally friendly solution for wood stains, wood preservatives, and wood protection. WOCA Oil Finish is the leading plant-based, environmentally responsible, sustainable, nonpolluting, durable wood finish, with no artificial color pigments or preservatives.”

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Raw organic superfoods from around the world. “Here at Vivapura, there are no secrets about how we operate. As a company, we’ve made a huge effort to make our processes transparent. This is very important, because our competitors do not tell you how they source and make their products.”..Vivapure superfoods are ALWAYS RAW. Unadulterated. Nutrient Dense. Vibrant Life Force ORGANIC or WILD-CRAFTED. In Harmony with Earth. Healing for People * ETHICAL. Vegan. Sustainable. Fairly Traded.”

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Simply Scrub

Four unique blends of organic ingredients create body scrubs that exfoliate and nourish your skin. Their chocolate body scrub, for example, is made with cocoa nibs, brown sugar, and healing honey. [Read about their organic ingredients here.

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Candles made from organic coconut oil and rice bran wax, scented with “organic, wildcrafted, pure essential oils and extracts from plants that were grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers…Our hemp wicks contain absolutely no lead, are not chemically treated, and are braided with pure unbleached cotton.” All candles are white and come in many of the standard sizes. Choose from the scented “aromatherapy” collection or unscented “rice bran” collection.

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Healthy Cricket

[formerly Dakota Free] Gluten-free, allergen specific and hypoallergenic skin care, bath, baby, spa and hair care products. “We have been helping families stay healthy and serving those with celiac disease, allergies, autism, cancer, chemical sensitivities, asthma, eczema and other skin issues since 2000. Every item has been handcrafted in a dedicated gluten-free facility with careful attention to identifying and tracking the allergen status of each product.” This looks to be one of the most ingredient conscious companies I’ve seen. They have a long list of undesirable ingredients that they track and have much information on their website about the ways ingredients you don’t want can get into products. There is an attribute checklist on each  product page to help you choose the right item for your specific need.

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Titilayo Naturals Adzuki Bean Scrub

100% organic adzuki bean powder. “The Adzuki Bean has been used for centuries in Japan for regular exfoliation to foster radiant, refined skin. Suitable for all skin types, Adzuki bean powder helpscleanse, exfoliate, and tighten the skin for a brighter complexion. A natural foaming agent, it helps cleanse pores and tighten the skin by absorbing excess oils and drawing out facial impurities. A gentle exfoliator, it removes dead skin cells and dry surface patches,promotes circulation and encourages fresh skin cell formationfor soft smooth glowing skin.”

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Sweet Grass Dairy

Fine handcrafted cheese made from the milk of “barn free” grassfed cows. Currently their products are not certified organic, but they are about halfway through the multi-year process of having their dairy farms certified organic. Check out their website to see their “cow cam” and learn how they farm.

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No Mouse in the House

“The longest-lasting, highly effective, all natural mouse repellent.” It is a sturdy plastic ball filled with peppermint oil, an all-natural mouse deterrent. Just set it and forget it. All of the oil stays contained in the ball and releases slowly through their exclusive reservoir and wick design. Lasts six months.

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Premium, made in the USA, hemp clothing and accessories for men and women: t-shirts, jeans, board shorts, men’s vests, belts, hats of all kinds and beanies. “Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and what we choose to put against it all day long matters. We believe that the natural fibers are far better than petroleum based synthetic fibers for us to live and play in all day.

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Enchanted Slumber

An all-in-one certified organic sleeper that bundles a warm, whimsically-patterned quilted pad, blanket covering and a lavender-scented buckwheat pillow for roll-and-go carrying. “Children will delight in having a safe, cozy place of their very own that they can easily take with them to school or on trips.” Handcrafted with love in the USA. Custom name labels available.

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