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Summer Sequoia Tallow

“Slow body care” soaps, balms and lip care made from tallow, “the fat from the inside cavity of the cow, closest to the loins and the kidneys) from grass-fed cows raised on organic fertile pastures at Magruder Ranch in Potter Valley, Mendocino County, California and 100% certified organic pasture lands just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean at Stemple Creek Ranch in Tomales Bay, California….We use the highest grade of Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in our product line from the Ecologically responsible Floracopeia of Grass Valley, California and wildcrafted Absolutes by John Steele in Sherman Oaks, California.” This website is different than most. Gorgeous photos slide by. You need to find small black boxes in the lower left corner of each slide, and click on it. Worth the click.

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Blue Hill Berry Company

“We supply the highest quality, certified organic Maine wild blueberries…You are buying directly from us, the farmers —so you can “know your farmer,” and know that we grow and produce our berries under strict organic management with third-party verification (MOFGA Certified Organic since 1997)…Our wild blueberries are harvested in the full height of summer, when they are at their peak ripeness, and they are frozen the very day they are harvested and winnowed. This is what is known as “fresh frozen,” in contrast to the more factory-scale “IQF” (Individual Quick Frozen) wild blueberries that are produced by the larger processors where the berries are soaked in a solution before freezing and laser-sorting. Unlike the IQF berries, our berries still have their “bloom” intact, which is the whitish powdery coating on the skin of each berry (the “epicuticular wax”) that protects it and helps maintain its just-picked qualities —their summer ripeness is captured unaltered. This means our berries thaw out to look and taste just like they were fresh.”

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Light of Day Organics

Award-winning teas and tisanes made with handpicked organic and biodynamic teas grown right here in Michigan USA, blended with home-grown flowers, herbs and fruit. ” Everything we sell is certified Organic and many offerings are also certified Demeter Biodynamic®, are Michigan-grown, and anything outsourced by partner farms is also certified organic and purchased using fair trade standards to support and honor the intense human effort that is required for tea harvest and production. 60% of all ingredients are grown right here. Our blending and packaging is done by hand right here in our farm’s commercial kitchen.”

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Made Simple Skincare

Organic skin and oral care, created in small batches, bottled in glass. “Nothing but pure, active ingredients…raw, vegan, non-GMO…Made Simple Skin Care was founded with the idea that taking care of yourself is tantamount to taking care of others and the planet we all inhabit. That means starting from the soil to the seed to the plant and to you. What if high quality, natural skin products were not only luxurious in form and formula, but sustainable in principle? “We believe that if you take care of nature it will, take care of you.”

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Greenways Organic

Insect repellants made from organic ingredients for body and garden. “Our USDA certified bottling facility ensures the formula remains in an unadulterated state, eliminating the need for additives that may lessen effectiveness and ensuring it remains a truly 100% organic product….Made from a DEET-free, non-toxic blend of organicplant-based essential oils, including citronella, lemongrass and cedar oil that are known for their natural bug repelling properties and safe use.

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Cleo & Coco

Detox deodorant and detox dust made of activated charcoal and bentonite clay “to remove bacteria and toxins and absorb wetness. Due to the detox benefits of these all-natural healthy ingredients, as well as due to eliminating antiperspirants and synthetic deodorants from your daily routine, after using your Detox Deodorant a few days, you will notice that you are naturally not as wet or have any BO, even on days when you forget to put on your Cleo&Coco DetoxDeo! This means that you have successfully detoxed your underarms…We use only organic activated charcoal from coconuts.” These products are scented with essential oils from vanilla, lavender and orange peel.

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H is for Love

There is a lot to read on this website about the purity of the plant ingredients and the very basic formulas that prove “nature is enough.” As an example I will just tell you about the Root & Berry Lip Glace, which I am going to try. There seem to be descriptions on one page and ordering on another, so if you want to buy and don’t see a shopping cart, go to “shop.” But this lip glace has “been formulated to nourish lips in much the same way the H IS FOR LOVE skincare line does. I chose to leave out pigments that weren’t specifically there to enhance the nourishing qualities of the gloss, and instead included roots, berries, and flowers that would color the oils naturally.” That is so in agreement with my own thinking. And then she went on to say how she was addicted to her department store lipstick. It was the same brand I was addicted to for the same reason. It took me so long to give it up because of the color and the feel. And then she made this glace and gave it up. “No more poison gloss for me!” she said. “H is for love is about sharing nature’s most wonderful gifts. Each ingredient is pure, every product made by hand to optimize quality and efficacy. Cruelty-free and almost entirely organic and wild-sourced, only natural preservation methods are employed. Designed with purpose and care, each element has already withstood the ultimate test: time.”

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Holland Bowl Mill

Wooden bowls of all sizes, made from a variety of different woods. They also have a unique treatment for the wood called “ebonizing” which is the use of a vinegar and iron solution that turns the wood black. These bowls are quite beautiful with black on the outside and the natural wood on the inside. They also make a whole series of nesting bowls from one block of wood. You can special order a whole set of these nested bowls if you want, though it’s not an item on the website. Bowls are finished with food grade mineral oil, but you can also order them unfinished. They also make live edge bowls!

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Great lids for your Mason jars to make them more useful. Chalk Tops let you label and relabel the lids, Timber Tops let you top your jars with bamboo wood instead of metal, and then there are all kinds of tools and instructions for fermenting vegetables in your Mason jars.

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