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Wise Choice Market

“Delicious traditional foods delivered to your door.” Everything you need for an organic real foods diet: organic bone broth, fermented vegetables, grass-fed raw milk cheeses, wild seafood, healthy fats, soaked nut nutters, gluten-free breads, and more. Nutrient-dense read foods. No GMOs.

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Rowan Tree Botanicals

Therapeutic organic herbal formulas for dental care, including tooth remineralizing toothpaste, oil pulling mouthwash, oil pulling oil with comfry, and an ebook on how to heal cavities and reverse gum disease. Also remineralize toothpaste formula for children. “Our traditionally crafted products contain only ingredients which are certified organic, ethically wild-harvested or grown organically by Sarah Wildroot, founder of Rowan Tree Botanicals. We make our herbal remedies in small batches by hand to preserve the potency, integrity and purity of the products that we offer here, for the well being of you and your loved ones.”

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No Feathers Please

Organic cotton and wool bedding made in the USA. Cotton blankets, cotton/wool comforters, cotton/wool mattress pads, cotton sateen sheet sets, organic heat-fused cotton dust mite barriers (no plastic). Plus sleeping pillows with a variety of natural fills, including wool, buckwheat, latex, kapok, and more.

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ABC Carpet & Home

This huge website has almost everything you can think of, chosen from a natural, organic ethic and an “organic simplicity of nature” design aesthetic. That said, it’s impossible for me to check every product to guarantee it’s nontoxic, but you’ll find many toxic-free products here you won’t find anywhere else. Last weekend I happened to be driving within a few miles of one of their stores, so I stopped in. Everywhere I looked, almost everything was made from natural materials. Many custom and extraordinary designs. Mostly $$$$$.

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Jackson Wayne

Briefcases, messenger bags, totes, wallets, and other accessories made in the USA of vegetable-tanned leather. Read and watch a video about their vegetable tanning method here. “We use only the finest full grain leather in everything we make. Full grain leather is the best grade of leather you can get, far superior to the “genuine leather” used in most mass-market bags. Our design philosophy is simple: get out of the way of the leather. Our designs are inspired by the minimal design aesthetic of leather bags from the 1920’s to 1940’s. We make bags the old fashioned way, using thick full grain leather – the kind of leather your grandfather would have appreciated. The leather we use is tanned to perfection and truly a work of art in its own right. So we try to let the leather speak for itself and avoid clutter and excessive design features.

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Lotuff Leather

Extremely high quality one-of-a-kind leather bags for men and women: briefcases travel bags, wallets, backpacks, totes, and various leather accessories. You can even choose the exact leather hide for your bag. Their leather is an all-natural vegetable-tanned leather, made in a tannery that eschews the use of chemicals and metals and instead relies on plant-based matter for coloring.

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Rhythm Superfoods

This company makes delicious snacks out of organic lakato kale, broccoli, or beets. I’ve tried their beet chips and broccoli bites. They are delicious. What makes them super good for me is that the beet chips have no oil, just plain beets and nothing else, yet they are sweet and very crunchy (you can also get them with sea salt). The other snacks are flavored with various seasonings, seeds, and nuts. If you are going to eat a snack, this one is about as good as it can get.

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Cedar Key Canvas

This small cottage industry has been making purses, totes, luggage, backpacks and duffles from heavy cotton canvas since 1986. Each piece you order is made especially for you in the style and color you choose and can be customized. They will also make your own fabric into a bag of your choice.

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