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All the health benefits of coconut in products designed for pets. “CocoTherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Chips are 100% all natural, made of human-grade ingredients. They are made in an USDA organic inspected human food facility.

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Ergo Workspace

I saw one of these desks at a friend’s house and then came across it online. It’s a desk that allows you to adjust desk height with electronic controls (or manual crank), so you can adjust you desk from sitting to standing and back to sitting in mere seconds. Plus it’s just a beautiful desk with a really smooth finish. I don’t see any materials on the website and no contact information, but the thing is you can buy the metal base separately and then mix and match the tops, so I’m thinking that you could put your own top on it as well, made from any material you choose. The electronic controls sit discreetly at arm’s length below the top on the right side. It’s a pretty cool desk!

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Khroma Herbal Products

 All organic herbal health products in glass bottles. “Because we love our planet (and our customers), we only use organic ingredients…We do not package any of our products in plastic and we don’t use any artificial coloring, preservatives, or dyes. It’s pure natural goodness…Every product we sell is carefully crafted to meet the highest standards for purity and potency. ”

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Composted chicken manure for organic gardening. “made in Creswell, Oregon, following best practices to ensure a top quality, balanced and consistent fertilizer and soil conditioner that will benefit anything from tomatoes to houseplants.” They are a Registered Organic Input Material and are OMRI listed for organic use. Use this to make compost tea to fertilize your garden for excellent results.

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Sisal Rugs Direct

All kinds of natural fiber area rugs at affordable prices, some even without dyes. They offer a choice of bindings, including canvas, cotton, linen and others. You can choose your rug material, color, shape, border material, border color, and size. Choose 100$ sisal, sisal/wool. 100$ wool, jute, seagrass, hemp.

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Raw pesticide-free honey mixed with organic fruits to make a flavorful spread that can be used as a sweetener or an alternative to jam. Made directly by beekeepers from USA honey. “Stubbees uses only raw honey that is produced right here within the United States and only from hives located at nature preserves and farms that are free of pesticides as well. By sourcing smart we are not only able to promote honeybee health but jobs here at home as well! ”

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All-wool Dry mops and hand dusters. This is just one of those products from the past that is simple, natural and useful for cleaning: wool dusters. “Comes complete with a removable natural lacquered wood handle. This is an all natural product and does NOT require any chemical treatment, nor expensive disposable pads. Replacement heads are available, which are also washable and reusable….The Slack Family continues a tradition of success in the face of progress with a fourth generation family business. Sla-Dust Wool Dust Mop products are the highest quality, literally the “World’s Finest Dust Mops.” Great for dusting tile, laminates, marble and hard wood floors!”

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Wool Shop

A variety of premium natural dusters made from lambswool or ostrich feathers—everything from the classic lambswool dusters with handles from 8 inches to 4 feet (including a telescopic angle duster for hard-to-reach places), dust mitts, all kinds of lambswool mops, and even a ceiling fan duster with a telescopic handle that slips around the blades to dust tops and bottoms at the same time (I need one of those!).

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Meiling Skincare

I love this soap for a number of reasons. It’s made with certified organic ingredients, each soap has a skincare benefit, the soap is made by a husband who wanted to make a soap that his wife would love for him to use, and it’s just an exceptional soap to use. I’ve tried a lot of handmade soaps and this one really stands out. It’s a a heavy, slightly oversized bar with a delicate natural fragrance from certified organic essential oils (unscented is also available), and it rinses very clean. I’m very happy with this soap.

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