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Pucker Urban Farm

A small “boutique family farm delivering the highest quality lemons and lemon products. All of our organic fruit is hand picked fresh from our trees to fill your order. And their organic certification certificates are right on the home page.

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Corky’s Nuts

Fresh walnuts and cold-pressed walnut oil from a family-owned family farm in Northern California. “It all began back in 1975 when my parents acquired land in a small, beautiful valley located in Northern California…My “a-ha” moment came the first time I shared our organic walnuts with my husband, Eric. When we first started dating, he so kindly bought a bag of organic walnuts from a popular natural food chain as a thoughtful gesture. I ate one walnut and had to spit it out. It tasted old, dry, and bitter. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you can relate. I had never purchased walnuts from a store because I always had access to fresh ones…it was during this moment I realized, most of the general public does not have access to freshly harvested organic walnuts. That is, unless you know a walnut farmer. Well, now you do…Over the past 35 years, I’ve watched my father tend to his trees and the land as if they were his own children. There’s a lot of love and care which goes into growing our organic walnuts.”

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Z Shoes

OK here we are…”Every Z Shoe starts with a comfortable sole made from 100% organic, fair trade, sustainably-harvested Amazonian Sharinga rubber…No plastic or synthetic fibers here. Z Shoes are made from 100% organic, fair trade sustainably-harvested cotton from the Solo y San Miguel regions of Peru…Even the beautiful coral and navy blue options available in the Z Shoes line up come from 100% organic plant dyes sourced from in the Amazon…Z Shoes is proud to offer the world’s finest line of fair trade and organic shoes. ”

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Eclectic Institute

Quality herbs and supplements created by a naturopathic physician. “We start and end with whole, raw herbs. We start by growing herbs on our 90 acre certified organic farm, and then use freeze-drying to remove only the water. The end product is the whole herb in its original form still raw, intact, viable, and retaining the benefits of the fresh herb just as Mother Nature intended. We don’t believe in harsher forms of processing such as air or spray drying, chemical extraction, or standardized extracts which alter whole herbs, potentially excluding or destroying active constituents. Nestled at the base of Mt. hood in the pristine Oregon countryside, our family owned 90 acre certified organic farm is a leader in organic farming practices, utilizing crop rotation, mulching, composting, beneficial animal and insect allies, as well the naturally occurring rich volcanic soil. Eclectic Institute is devoted to researching and saving endangered herbs, and dedicates resources to growing many varieties of rare plants.”

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Turnco Wood Goods

Handmade wooden items for the kitchen, including wood lids for glass jars, rolling pins, serving pieces and more. “We are a small batch manufacturing company, producing beautiful and functional pieces crafted for home use. A lot of thought goes into the style, quality and functionality of each product we make. It comes from our experience in working on custom projects, as well as honing our skills of efficiency and organization in making value added wood goods. All of our goods have a mix of simple modern design and warm nostalgia. When possible we use FSC certified lumber, and local hardwood like Madrona, Rock Elm, Big Leaf Maple and softwoods like western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir from our local lumberjack contacts here on Whidby Island.”

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Terrasoul Superfoods

Certified organic raw superfoods from around the world, including cacao and vanilla, coconut, dried fruits and berries and their powders, grass juice powder, nutritional powders, nuts and seeds, seaweed and algae. “We are a small, family-run business located in Fort Worth, Texas. Terrasoul Superfoods was born out of our desire to find reliable and affordable sources of certified organic, fair trade, and sustainably-grown, nutrient-dense foods….We sell the foods we know and love.”

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Willa Walker

This is a simple yet smart tool that makes learning to walk even more fun for toddlers while saving adults the back-pain from always having to bend over to help them. It consists of a wooden handle, two ropes and two wooden rings.”WWs are made by 4 dads from 100% recycled, sustainably-farmed wood, cotton & coconut oil. Thats it! The child’s safety has always been our first priority when designing the WW. For this reason, we have chosen only high quality, traceable, non-toxic, materials for each component of the WW. Much detail and attention has been provided within the Instructions for Use. The Willa Walker meets Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) safety standards.”

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Wooden dinnerware and utensils, handmade from sustainably-harvested maple, all in one piece without gluing. Why wood? “Wood preserves the integrity of the foods—the neutrality—without contact with metals which emits certain tastes and degradation….Contact with wood is organic and warm. Sound manipulation is discreet and pleasant. The food slides least movement. And, for the taste it is like eating with chopsticks.” …During a simple meal, on the table there was a piece of wood and an x-acto blade… soon after a knife was born, and a tomato finely sliced! For the following 6 months, twelve families agreed to trade their metal forks for wooden forks. The comments were outstanding. A year of research and development followed. In 2004 JUstenbois was born. A team of 9 artisans worked at creating maple plates and utensils for your dining room table. These settings, finely chiseled out of selected cultivated sugar maple trees, have a very long life.” Nearly 9,000 utensils are made from one tree.

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