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Naturally Nickel Free

Nickel-free jewelry, handmade by a woman who has a nickel allergy. “My research about nickel allergies began, originally, because I have the allergy. It became really important to me though, when I began to realize how many other people are affected by this painful, but avoidable condition. I began to think that maybe my hours and hours of research, along with years of struggling with the same questions others have, may finally be put to good use. ”

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Cotton Mill

All cotton clothing without finishes for women and men. Just basic cotton clothing—shirts, dresses, jackets, sweats, jeans and pants—in lots of colors and many different types of cotton fabrics (all fabrics are listed and explained). Some organic cotton, plus sizes, all made in the USA or Canada. Nothing fancy here, just plain cotton clothing. And especially sweatshirts—“100% heavy-weight 18-ounce cotton sweatshirts…built to last a lifetime.”

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Vermont Rolling Pins

Hand turned rolling pins in more than a dozen sizes and styles, each shaped from a solid block of maple, cherry or walnut hardwood. Hand turned with love and made in the USA. All of our woods are made with select, solid hardwoods.,sustainably harvested, and are from a Vermont millworker.

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One Knot Knits

“Cozy knits made by hand with responsibly sourced fibers…I am very particular when choosing my fibers – they are as natural as possible. Some are organic, some are fair trade, and all are purchased from farms, small businesses, or fellow Etsy sellers. I focus on using yarns that are made in the United States or made using fair trade practices around the world. You will not find acrylic yarn or chemically treated yarn in this shop! I only knit with natural fibers, including sheep’s wool, alpaca, llama, silk, cotton, and bamboo.” Hats mittens, scrarves and other accessories for women and babies. image:{organic wool mittens

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Pique Tea Crystals

All the benefits and taste of loose leaf green and black teas in an instant. “Handcrafted from whole leaves using our proprietary slow-brew process, Pique delivers the exquisite flavor and natural antioxidants of loose leaf tea. We source the top 5% of tea leaves in the world Pique is made in collaboration with most experienced tea masters and tea farmers around the world. Using ingredients sourced direct from trusted farms in India, China and Sri Lanka at their peak freshness and antioxidant levels.”

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Meli Wraps

Meli Wraps are made from organic cotton and a special beeswax blend to create a natural wrap that helps preserve your food. The wraps stick to themselves and can be washed and re-used for up to a year! Cover your bowls, plates or food themselves! Make snack packs, wraps sandwiches, over cover half avocados!” A useful and charming alternative to plastic wrap.

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Easy Living Hats

Beautiful colorful hats crocheted by a grandma from organic cotton yarn. “I have decided to focus on making hats that resembled traditional millinery but were made through a crochet method. When I researched millinery I found that not only was it extremely expensive to purchase all the equipment and supplies necessary, but it was toxic too. The term “mad hatter” came from the fact that all the sprays and stiffeners used to shape the hat were making the workers sick during production. I crocheted a sun hat and fitted a wire in the edge of the brim to look like a straw hat. What I found was how much more practical it was. Not only was it light weight, but it stretched to fit.”

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Specially designed bags for storing vegetables made from 100% U.S. grown and milled Organic cotton fabric and thread. ” It keeps all kinds of humidity-loving perishables fresh, crisp, and tasty for a week or more. Damp cloth bags keep moisture-loving vegetables moist and crisp in a high humidity environment. Moisture slowly evaporates from the surface of the bag to keep both the bag and the vegetables “breathing.” A slightly moist bag keeps vegetables crisp, often several days beyond storage in either a crisper drawer or plastic bag.”

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The Organique Co.

High-quality organic superfoods in powdered form. “We source only the highest quality superfoods directly from farmers and cultivators around the world that we’ve met personally. Doing this, we can guarantee the highest quality products while ensuring sustainable and eco-friendly methods being used at the same time. In many cases, the cultivation of the ingredients we use even provides an important alternative to destructive farming and deforestation. By minimally processing our superfoods with methods such as freeze-drying and low-temperature milling, we do our best to seal in maximum flavor and nutritional value without the fillers and additives. Our ingredients are always whole, most raw, and all 100% organic and GMO-free.”

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