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Golden Moon Tea

“Tea, the whole tea, nothing but the tea…no pesticides, no GMOs, no chemically treated teabags and not “natural” or artificial flavors.” Plus “toxin free teaware, including a double wall glass tea cup to keep your tea hot.

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Tuckerman & Co.

Men’s dress shirts±long-staple organic cotton, the world’s finest Italian mills, quality craftsmanship backed by 80 years experience. Made in New England. Tuckerman was created for a simple but powerful reason: we were frustrated trying to find high quality clothing that we felt good about. Most of what was available on the rack or in stores just wasn’t very well made and didn’t last very long. Curious by nature, we started asking questions, and the more we learned the less we liked it. There had to be a better way. Our approach has been to try and reimagine clothing the way that it should be made. We have a bias toward the timeless over the fleeting. We believe in using the finest materials and partnering with those who take genuine pride in their work. We have a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, and wherever possible use less harmful materials over their conventional counterparts. Together, we believe these all make for a better product.

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Cake in the Morn

Cake in the Morn specializes in natural, eco friendly Montessori and Waldorf toys. Each toy is made to order. It is hand cut, hand painted, and hand sewn by Heidi. Each design you see is created by Heidi and unique to Cake in the Morn. You won’t find toys like ours anywhere else! We use eco-friendly felt, all American hardwood, and an AP-certified non-toxic paint wash on all of our wood products. All of our toys are sealed with our very own homemade local beeswax seal.

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Conway Electric

Modern, powerful, electrical extensions that are safer and more stylish than your power strip. The square cast-aluminum housing is grounded, fire-resistant, and powder-coated in colors. And the cords are cloth-covered, not plastic. You can also buy the made-in-USA cord by the foot (only $1!).


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Kaufmann Mercantile

If I lived down the street from this store, I would be there constantly. First I would buy the waterproof waxed cotton canvas lunch bag. “Home pared down to the essentials….From the very beginning, the Kaufmann Mercantile team has worked closely with makers and manufacturers from around the world, sharing a deep appreciation for products made with honest, lasting materials and grounded in a sense of place. Our new endeavor, Kaufmann, is dedicated to the simple yet focused pursuit of distilling a piece to its most essential elements. Each is made in the United States by hand.” Furniture, dinnerware, bags, kitchenware, candles, all thoughtfully and beautifully designed from natural materials. Cookware and bakeware is all clay, porcelain and soapstone.

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EcoButterfly Organics

A variety of organic cotton yarns, hemp yarns and natural beads and buttons. “We decided never to offer highly chemical processed synthetic rayon yarns just because they are made from natural bamboo, soy, corn, tencel, banana, milk etc. These natural fibers are made into a chemical soup and extruded like spaghetti to make the silky “rayon” yarns and they are nowhere near eco-friendly. GMOs (Genetically Engineered corn & soy) are also unacceptable. ”

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Life of Riley Foods

Specialty small-batch nut butters, with interesting twists. The cashew butter, for example, contains two kinds of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, other spices, and honey. Their sunberry butter has bits of dried cherries and strawberries. “We promote the good life through good food. We craft our small-batch specialty nut butters using only the highest quality ingredients to create unique blends inspired by our passion for superb eats and healthy living. We source local, organic, non-GMO ingredients wherever possible, and our products are always gluten, grain, soy, dairy, and artificial stuff-free, sweetened only with touches of pure maple sugar, raw honey or dried fruit.”

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