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This is a unique and interesting product designed to “combat hair loss and hair thinning and improve overall hair health.” It’s made with only four natural ingredients, including an herb from the Amazon rainforest. “When applied to the scalp, CRIA’s powerful antioxidants neutralize the toxins while the essential nutrients nourish the follicles. CRIA’s Sesame Oil in particular, supports blood circulation. This helps balance the body’s PH, rejuvenate your weakened follicles, minimize hair thinning and create new hair with every application.”

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Aizome Bedding

Sheets and pillowcases “developed in Japan with dermatologists to give your body and skin a restful sleep experience free of any synthetic materials or irritants.” It is entirely organic and made from only two plants [cotton and indigo] without hidden extras: No polyester, no heavy metals, no micro-plastics, no formaldehyde, no gross stuff.” This bedding eliminates toxic dyes while still giving you color and style. Their blog the-bed-blog has posts about toxic dyes.

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Shop Vustra

100% organic, premium quality shirts for men. “We only use low impact organic dyes, pure, soft at first touch 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and every stitch is organic too! we ensure that our shirts are made with fashion-forward European style and feature the most intricate style details. Our entire collection is made with 100% premium Italian and Turkish organic cotton that looks and feels luxurious. Our collection showcases colors and textures which are carefully developed to provide timeless, elegant and yet stylish options so you can choose to wear fashion with values.”

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Organic Attire

I found this small business at my local Gravenstein Apple Fair. I saw a black shirt with autumn leaves falling whimsically down the front and then was delighted it was made from organic cotton. It’s one of my favorite shirts of all time. This artist-owned and operated business provides their customers “with beautiful and unique clothing made in a sustainable manner. Comfort is also a prerequisite.” Beautiful and comfortable, Yes. This clothing is just that. Much information about their printing methods and materials. Dedicated organic, natural and nontoxic. Clothing for women only.

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Puritas Furniture Company

Solid wood slat bedframes made by a small, low impact, family owned woodworking and design studio immersed in and inspired by the beauty of the natural world. ”We believe it is a revolutionary and deeply caring act to support local and regional craftspeople and the communities in which we all live. We strive to provide you with beautifully designed and finely crafted classic hardwood furniture while keeping the footprint low…Our hardwood lumber comes from carefully managed North American forests from producers who follow the strictest standards in order to ensure long term viability through sustainable harvesting and management practices. Our native west coast softwoods are sourced from carefully managed private lands and we can accommodate requests for reclaimed and salvaged wood options as well…We promote the use of non-toxic finishes and healthy environments with our preferred finish being an all-natural, zero-voc combination of beeswax, linseed oil, and pine resin that is not only non-toxic to the maker and the end user, it is also easier on the environment in it’s raw ingredients and production.”

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Dr. Cowan’s Garden

“Nutritious & delicious vegetable powders” made from “organic or beyond-organic vegetables…Some of the healthiest people who ever lived – from Native Americans to traditional Africans – consumed a large diversity of plants. Our vegetable powders make it easy for you to diversify your vegetable consumption…Miron violet-glass jars filter the aging wavelengths of light to protect the vibrancy of our powders for years.” I can’t wait to try these powder made from diverse varieties. How can I resist three-beet powder!

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A Wild Soap Bar

“Our natural soaps are handmade in the old world tradition with pure essential oils, wild and organic herbs, and 100% certified organic vegetable oils.” Many “whole” ingredients, some completely fragrance-free, real olive oil castile soap fragrance-free. Real soap made with real plants.

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My Ear Pick

“Ear Cleaning Tool Set, commonly used in Asia, contains all the tools to remove ear wax, clean ears and stimulate blood circulation of your body. The tools are extremely relaxing and refreshing in the hand of a caring person.” Stainless steel with wooden handles, hand made in Cambodia. Indigo hand dyed cotton strap and wrapping string.

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