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The largest organic gardening supply company in the U.S., they carry everything you need to grow your own food, and ship everywhere in the United States. They sell seeds, fertilizers, weed and pest controls, garden tools, irrrigation, growing supplies, books, plus all the tools to preserve the abundance of food you have grown. They also sell backyard chicken and beekeeping supplies, wine making kits, and so much more. “We are dedicated to preserving the environment by providing you with cost-effective, state-of-the-art, organic growing supplies and the information and tools needed to apply them. We strive to provide great service, low prices and the best selection of quality products available, while maintaining our leadership as one of the pioneers of America’s organic gardening supplies marketplace. When you shop with us, be assured that each product has been reviewed by our staff. We know you want quality, so we scrutinized every product in this catalog to ensure that it meets our high standards.”

Listen to my interview with Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply, Retail Store Manager Sarah Griffin-Boubacar.

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