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Gorgeous, gourmet wooden spoons, scoops, measuring spoons and cups, handmade by members of a family that live on a farm in Tennessee. “We use local fallen hardwoods almost exclusively. It is a delight to us to be able to utilize a resource that would otherwise decay and waste on the forest floor and it is so incredible to open up a log and find such a beautiful variety of art inside. We are continually amazed that God has hidden such beauty underneath the rough bark of the tree. This creative way of sourcing wood allows us to offer a really stunning variety of wood types, grains and colors…We finish all of our wooden products with our signature blend of olive oil and beeswax. Over time, we’ve come to call it wood butter, and the younger members of the family especially love to hand finish our products with the cream. It is amazing to watch a piece of dry wood burst to life when wood butter is spread over the smooth surface and rubbed in. It’s one of the most enjoyable parts of the whole process. “ Expensive.

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