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This line of organic body care products was founded in 2006, after a family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. Determined to stop using products laden with toxic chemicals, they made their own with “the safest and most effective ingredients…Our products are safe for our world, children, pets, and expectant mothers…We promise to avoid toxic ingredients such as synthetic fragrance, parabens, triclosan, PEGs, Triethanolamine, Oxybenzone, GMOs and other harmful chemicals!” They have four separate lines: I Am Goddess for women (which includes makeup and nail polish); Ruggedly Natural for men; Young, Wild and Free for kids; and Baby Poof for babies. Most of the products are USDA Certified Organic while others are made using mostly organic ingredients. Scented products are all essential oil or food extract based. All ingredients are disclosed. All products are made fresh by hand in small batches in Rutherford, New Jersey. 80% of products are vegan, all are cruelty free and gluten free. Products rank safe on Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database. 

Listen to my interview with Poofy Organics Independant Consultant Katie Lynch.

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