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A small family water filteration business, focused on designing, testing and innovating reasonably priced, yet high-quality drinking water filtration/revitalization systems, both point-of-use and whole-house. “We create Filtration systems that are simple, elegant, and extremely effective at reducing the widest possible range of common contaminants like Fluoride, Heavy Metals & Chlorine, as well as newly emerging contaminants like: Radiation, Drug Residues (Legal and Illegal), Chloramines (Ammonia+Chlorine), Petrochemicals (oil industry byproducts) and other Volatile chemicals.  Our PureEffect Water Filter Systems protect your drinking water and help restore it back to it’s “naturally pure” state, and by that we do not mean laboratory sterilized H2O stripped of everything but the water molecules, instead, our filters can make the water that enters your body “whole” and ‘nutritious’ again.” Their filters are specifically designed to remove toxic substances while leaving essential alkalinizing minerals, electrolytes and negative electrochemical “charges”  that neutralize positively-charged free radicals found in toxic tap water. All of their media cartridges are made in the USA and none of the parts used in their filters are ever sourced from China. All filter components are custom manufactured from the purest quality materialsDLDRP-logo-formal such as our Stainless Steel Spouts, Purified Lead-Free Brass Connectors and Diverter valves, as well as NSF Certified, BPA-Free, Food-Grade Housing and Tubing. “We truly love what we do, and build water filter systems which you and your loved ones can enjoy for many years to come.”

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