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Exclusive certified organic Europen hemp/cotton and linen/cotton terry bath towels, bath mats and robes. “These are the purest and most beautiful organic hemp towels and organic linen towels money can buy, period. Proprietary looping technique results in a uniform plushness that really soaks up water and moisture.” Grey-brown color is the natural color of the fibers. Also woven hemp bath rugs with naturally-dyed colors, Hemp shower curtains “Our hemp shower curtains are completely metal-free and truly 100% hemp. All components are unbleached and undyed, except the new color choices which are either dyed with biodegradable fiber-reactive dyes or whitened with hydrogen peroxide (Ivory). ” And more. Many items are exclusive to this site. “Our hemp products are, of course, sustainably made with no sweatshop, child, or underwaged labor involved at any step of the cultivation or manufacturing process — this is something which we have taken pride in from the very beginning.”

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