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Makes a complete crib set (mattress, bumper pads, etc out of organically grown wool and cotton). Family-owned by an experienced natural mother. This company is about wool–sleeping on it and under it, cuddling with it, and loving the wool and the sheep and the land. Founder Eliana Jantz has been working with wool as long as I’ve been writing about natural products (her daughter now runs the business). Eliana led the development of EcoDomestic Wool, “a collaboration which involves the sheep growers, wool processors, product makers and promoters in gradually developing an infrastructure which ensures environmentally friendly and sustainable practices and fair prices to the woolgrower.” All within a few miles distance, the sheep are pastured, the wool is milled, and the products are sewn by local women in a renovated storefront, all in site of majestic Mt. Shasta in northern California. Be sure to tell them “Debra sent me.”

Listen to Debra’s 2013 interview with Shepherd’s Dream Owner Sarah Sunshine Smith.

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