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comb“Since the advent of plastics, the art of making hardwood combs has almost died out. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only combmaker in America. Combmaking has been my livelihood for the last thirty-five years. All of my combs are hand make, using special tools that I developed. Each comb is inlaid using two pieces of kiln dried hardwood laminated together, cross-grained to combine strength in both directions, a marriage of sorts. I am currently using 13 domestic and imported hardwoods so many beautiful combinations are possible. The major differences between any other type of grooming devise and a finely made wooden comb is measured by the ease the comb slides thru your hair and just how much less breakage there is using wooden combs. Wood and hair are quite similar. You will eliminate static electrical buildup as wood does not conduct. Wooden combs do not strip vital oils and do not stretch hair, eliminating broken and split ends. They also provide wonderful scalp massage, stress relief. Your hair and your appearance is important to you so celebrate it with your own wooden comb.” I got one of these combs and I have to say it’s a work of art. I’ve been buying cheap wooden combs for many years and they break. This is substantial and really does the job.

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