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Custom sofas built with your choice of materials—made in 4 weeks in Los Angeles. “None of our fabrics have fire retardants or stain finishes and we even offer 100% natural like cotton, hemp and wool, and some certified organic textiles as well..” This is a morph of the custom sofas that used to be at Viesso, by the original founders. “Realizing there is still so much more to do to disrupt the furniture industry, we knew it was time to break off our collection as its own brand.” Like Viesso, Medley lets you customize every aspect of your sofa, which gives you a lot of choice and requires that you make good choices. Standard materials are better than average but not really toxic-free, so skip those and go for the natural latex, organic cottons, They will send samples, and let you live with the finished sofa for 100 days. Free shipping (both ways if you return it). And they finance.

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