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“Organic single garden teas…We grow all of our teas in our single USDA-certified organic garden in northern Bangladesh, and they benefit from perfect growing conditions: The soil is developed with the use of organic cover crops and mulching, while the growing area is irrigated by rainwater. And from growing to packaging, Teatulia gives tea lovers only the best and most responsibly cultivated product; the canisters are completely compostable, while the labels are made of recycled post-consumer paper. When you choose Teatulia, you’re choosing teas that nourish the body as well as the environment…Like a fine estate wine, single garden teas ensure a purity, accountability and freshness factor.” Good information on the health benefits of tea, tasting notes, and tea recipes.

Listen to my interview with Tetulia’s Director of Marketing and New Product Development Chris Olsen..

A beautiful selection of black, green, and white teas, plus herbal infusions, sold loose leaf and in tea bags.

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