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New World Textiles

Offers “spinning fibers for handspinners, handweaving yarns for handweavers, and cotton-specific spinning and weaving tools for both.” Sliver for handspinning includes reclaimed denim from blue jeans, organic cotton, naturally colored cotton, organic cotton/linen blend, organic cotton/hemp blend, organic cotton/wool blend, plus other non-organic natural fibers. Yarns include organic cotton (unbleached, unprocessed or dyed with low-impact dyes), cotton/linen blend, recycled polyester, conventional dyed cotton, and rayon.

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Green Mountain Spinnery

A variety of organic wool and cotton yarns appropriate for hand knitting, weaving, and machine knitting. Their undyed yarns are well suited to home dyeing. Yarns have minimal processing, which “retains life” in the fibers. Their “greenspun” yarns are washed and spun with vegetable-based soaps and oils rather than the petroleum based products standard in the textile industry. No chemicals are used to bleach, mothproof, shrink proof, or remove chaff. “Our Mission is to produce and sell high quality yarns from natural fibers and design classic Vermont patterns. Transforming the many types of raw fibers into luxurious and long lasting yarn. The Green Mountain Spinnery helps to sustain regional sheep farming, and to develop environmentally sound ways to process natural fibers.”

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