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Custom bras that are “just right” for your body, regardless of shape, size, anatomical features, or body conditions. Because each body is unique, a comprehensive assessment process is used to take into consideration each woman’s individual needs. It is then determined whether a custom-fitted, custom-altered, or custom-made bra is needed. Bras are based on an innovative and scientifically-inspired design of “suspension support”, developed in the 1960’s, by aeronautic engineers–which support the breasts from below, and around, rather than having your shoulders bear the weight of the breasts through the straps. In addition, these bras are further modified to meet your health needs. “Postural muscles…need stimulation to bring them…into action”. As the bra supports the breasts and reinforces the proper postural alignment, it POSITIVELY affects the gravitational load or “stress” on the body. So a properly fitting bra can affect a host of “gravitational stress symptoms” such as muscle and nerve pain, rotator cuff injuries, osteoarthritis, poor circulation, poor and limited oxygenation of the body. Who knew that these things could have any relationship to a bra!” Especially important to anyone concerned about toxics is that these bras are designed to allow free flow of lymph drainage, a function essential to body detox that is blocked by most bras. Bras are made of a combination of cotton, organic cotton, and synthetics, depending on what is needed for the specific individual. Any bra can be lined with organic cotton so only natural fibers touch the skin. Bras for everyday wear, sports and activities, pregnancy, nursing, mastectomy, re-construction, surgeries – reduction, embellishment, therapeutic, teens in training, breast health-conscious bras, postural bras, and more.

Listen to my interview with Maria Monti Founder The Healthy Bra Company.

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