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100% USDA Organic all-in-one shaving solution that replaces pre-shave treatments, whipping shaving cream, aftershaves and moisturizers. Here’s a note from one of my readers, who recommended this product, “I just came back from the barber shop. I brought in the Tico* organic shave oil, and it was great. I showed it to the barber, Christian, and he said that he liked it. The organic shave oil was used in place of shaving cream, and it was a new experience, bringing my own shave oil. This is my first time with a new barber, and bringing the organic shave oil for the first time as well. Christian said that it is definitely better, and much smoother. It glides easily on the blades, for a smoother cut. No shaving cream. He said that the organic shave oil is great. I said that I will bring it with me, every time I get my haircut. Barber tested, barber approved. This is well worth trying out, Debra.”

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