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Handcrafted housewares made from certified organic cotton using vintage patterns: pot holders, coasters, wash cloths, scrub clothes. “As a young girl I lived in a small fishing village on an island in the Azores. My mother had very few opportunities to make money because culturally she was expected to stay home and provide free labor to support the family. Her only source of income was embroidery…When I married and became a homemaker myself, my mother-in-law introduced me to knitted dishcloths she received from her cousin Claudia, better known as “Toockie”. I very quickly became dependent on these “Toockies” to clean my home, my kids and my car. Soon I started thinking everybody should have these amazing Toockies® that lasted for years because they out performed most of the disposable cleaning products I had to keep buying every month…I began to think about how I might start a home business, with the help of women who could use a bit of extra money like my mom did…”

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