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The two sisters who created this website know more about toxics in textiles and how to choose safe fabrics than any two people I’ve ever met. After years of selling organic upholstery fabrics to the trade, they now have a retail site where you can get the best fabrics for all your fabric needs. “Surround yourself with fabric free of chemical residues that can trigger or aggravate health problems, who production has been safe for the earth, from a company that defines transparency….Safe enough for your newborn. Sophisticated enough for your mother-in-law. Tough enough for the after school gang.” These fabrics are gorgeous. Search by use or color. Fabric for apparel, drapery, tabletop, upholstery, and bedding. $1 samples available. Also readymade napkins, tea towels, and pillow covers. Website has lots of information about fabrics, how they are made, and toxics.

Listen to my interviews with Patty Grossman and Leigh Anne Van Dusen, co-Founders (and sisters) of O Ecotextiles

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